#LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted Takes Over Twitter And Gives Everyone A Much Needed Laugh

While we all love a chill tune, there is nothing better than a kickass song with lyrics that make you want to sing (or rap) at maximum volume. So, it’s no surprise the trending topic #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted had Twitter going up on a Tuesday. The hashtag gained steam on Twitter early Wednesday morning and had everyone chatting about their favorite songs to scream at the top of their lungs. #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted is no stranger to Twitter – the hashtag has been used on the social media site since last year, but this time it seemed to make a bigger impact and remained a top 10 trending topic throughout the day.

No genre was left untouched – rock power ballads, hip-hop classics, R&B joints, and pop bops were all shown a little love in a furious flurry of funny tweets. GIFs, memes, and other tools used by creative tweeters upped the lyrics’ incredible factor (as if they weren’t already great enough) and certainly produced a few tweets that will go down as #2016Faves.

I think this hashtag went viral today for one reason — we ALL needed it. We’re bombarded daily with news about Donald Trump’s political circus, and the recent tragedies in Orlando have had us all dealing with a ton of mixed emotions.

So, for a few moments, we got a chance to think about our favorite Beyoncé, Bon Jovi, or Spice Girls jam and laugh at our new favorite tweets. While we’re certainly still aware of and care about what is going in the world, everyone needs a temporary mental escape, and hilarious hashtags on Twitter are one of the best ways to get a boost of joy.

Those tweets were loud as hell in your brain, right?! Or, maybe they were loud in your ears because you screamed as you read them aloud. No judgement here. Per usual, large corporate website were watching, so #LyricsThatHaveToBeShouted was even used by major companies like BBC Three and became a topic of discussion on Revolt TV’s Twitter page. The lyric gurus – also known as Genius – also took time to curate some of the hashtag’s greatest hits.

And, it’s probably not a coincidence that some petty person in the world declared today #NationalExDay. Heart-wrenching lyrics with a side of scream-cry anyone?

Thank you, Twitter. Some of your users are annoying as hell, but when you are awesome, you are REALLY awesome.