A Nude Restaurant Opened In London For Those Brave Enough To Strip Down Before Chowing Down

“This summer, experience liberation.” This is the slogan on the homepage for The Bunyadi, a new nude restaurant that just opened in London. A clothing optional beach or resort is one thing, but a restaurant? An exciting opportunity for some, but a nightmare for others. Eating in the nude could definitely be liberating, especially since you wouldn’t have any tight clothing restricting your belly from expanding with every bite. If this interests you, get in line. In fact, it’s a very long line at that. The restaurant is scheduled to have a pop-up run of three months, and already has a waitlist of thousands of people.

Let’s hope the food is good after such a long wait. There’s a set menu that boasts both a non-vegan and vegan option for 69 pounds (almost $100). Each has five courses and a floral tea, the non-vegan route including cured salmon and seaweed salad and whipped spirulina mayo and the vegan option offering asparagus with salted almonds, pickled red onion, and melon. Just as I suspected, it’s a lot of green, healthy options. After all, if you’re going au naturale, it only makes sense for your food too as well.

At the bottom of the menu, it says “includes gowns and slippers.” Again, it is OPTIONAL to be nude, but according to the owner and designer, most people are down to disrobe.

Bunyadi’s designer and manager, Ignacio Jimenez Blanco, told CNN’s Barry Neild that about 80 percent of diners got naked during trial runs. Blanco said:

“I think people want to free themselves. I see it as a therapy, it’s very liberating. People want it and we’re just providing a location and a service.”

Neild visited the restaurant and was overwhelmed at first, as you can imagine. “At first it’s disorientating,” he wrote. “It’s impossible not to surreptitiously double-take at the topless waitress leading the way through the candlelit maze of bamboo screens that almost shield diners from heavy scrutiny.”

The wait staff joins everyone else in the buff, but one waitress told CNN sexual harassment hasn’t been a problem, saying she actually feels safer at Bunyadi than at other restaurants since any customer acting inappropriately is ejected on the spot. The restaurant also bans cameras and cellphones to help protect the privacy of staff and customers, but also to match the back-to-basics theme of the restaurant.  I’d feel very naked without my phone, so I might as well be literally naked.


The Bunyadi isn’t the only nude dining spot opening this summer either — The Amrita opens in Tokyo July 29, but will unfortunately impose strict standards for getting in. Nude diners can’t be overweight, over 60 years old, or have any tattoos. I thought going au naturale was about being your true self without having to hide behind any clothing? Apparently not at The Amrita.

London’s iteration sounds like a better bet if you want to disrobe without feeling like the staff’s beady little eyes are analyzing whether or not your body’s worthy to be there. If you’re brave enough to strip down before chowing down, get your name on that waitlist pronto.