16 #AskTheGays Memes That Perfectly Portray How Over The Donald You Are

During a largely incomprehensible speech in Atlanta, Donald Trump told the nation to “ask the gays” which presidential contender is best for LGBTQ Americans. Because the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s brain works somewhat like a pinball machine, he started out talking about Saudi Arabia and went off on a tangent about the country donating money to the Clinton Foundation, asking women and “the gays” to think about how the Middle Easts treats people like them. “You tell me: who’s your friend — Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?,” he demanded. Of course, the people of Twitter fired back against Trump with extremely sassy #AskTheGays memes.

Trump doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record on LGBTQ issues. For starters, he rarely talks about them. When he does, his plans are anything but inclusive and equal. Despite having been married three times himself, Trump says he’s in favor of “traditional” marriage between a man and a woman and has said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn the same-sex marriage decision. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has made LBGTQ rights a pillar of her 2016 campaign, promising to work toward full equality under federal law, ensure affordable HIV/AIDs treatment, and promote human rights for LBGTQ people in other countries.

Nevertheless, The Donald is super confident that “the gays” will come to the realization that he’ll be so much better, so much greater, so much bigger on LGBTQ rights than that blonde lady running against him. Here’s what folks on Twitter had to say about that.

On The Official Response

On A Happy Ending

On Asking The Gays And The Blacks

On Marriage Equality

On A “Pig From Hell”

On A Brutal Face Slap

On Blending His Foundation

On Some Much-Needed Advice

On “That Bastard”

On The Details Of His Incompetence

On Disney’s Interpretation

On His Response To The Orlando Shooting


On Literal Garbage

On His Lack Of A Brain

On Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Response

On Uncontrollable Laughter 

That should teach Trump to #AskTheGays anything ever again.