A Disney World Alligator Snatched A Toddler, And The People Of Twitter Need To Lay Off The Parents

As Orlando continued to mourn the 49 people killed in the tragic shooting at a gay club early Sunday morning, The Happiest Place On Earth in the same city had its own disaster. Tuesday night, a 2-year-old boy was snatched by a Disney World alligator while playing on the beach of a man-made lake at a Disney Resort. Like with every recent incident in which a young child is in close proximity of a dangerous animal, the parents were viciously attacked on social media. While they possibly should have been watching their kid better, they’re going through enough without strangers of the internet ripping into them. So lay off, assholes.

A search for the boy was still underway Wednesday, as more than 50 police officers and wildlife officials looked for any sign of the kid or the gator. The 7- to 8-foot alligator grabbed the boy while he was in about a foot of water. According to Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, his father tried to get him back from the reptile, but wasn’t able to. The 2 year old was reportedly dragged under water, and Demings announced Wednesday, “It is certainly not survivable at this point for him to have been submerged for that period of time.”

Alligator Snatches  2-Year-Old Boy From Lake At Disney Resort
CREDIT: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While the boy’s family, who was vacationing at the resort from their home in Nebraska, anxiously awaited any news about their son, people without any ounce of sympathy in their little bodies attacked the parents for allowing their son to be snatched by a wild animal in an area with a “No Swimming” sign.

Yes, the parents may have been able to prevent this tragedy had they kept their eyes on the toddler consistently for every minute of every day, but kids are unruly creatures who do whatever the fuck they want sometimes. Even if there were scientific evidence that the family could have stopped the gator from grabbing the boy, immediately after the incident is not the time to inform them of what they should have done differently.

No matter the circumstances, these parents most likely lost a child and are going through unbearable grief. Chances are, they already feel guilty enough without the whole country telling them why it’s their fault. This isn’t your tragedy, so it isn’t your place to berate the people involved.

I know Twitter can make it seem like you should post every damn thought that crosses your mind, but you should really learn to use a filter — especially when it comes to horrific events. A young boy is presumed dead. Absolutely no one cares about your opinion on the matter.