This Guy Is Tweeting Politicians’ NRA Donations Every Time One Of Them Sends Prayers For Shooting Victims

Sunday morning’s mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando was the largest shooting in American history. Of course, in the wake of a tragedy, good Americans know the drill by now. First, we mourn the victims. Then, we talk about how radical the shooter was. And eventually, we get to talk about guns. The thing about this shooting in particular though is that it highlights so much of what’s wrong with our gun culture and people are starting to feel fed up — like this guy, who’s tweeting the NRA’s contributions to every politician who sends their “prayers” to Orlando victims. It’s pretty genius, actually.

Hypocrisy is nothing new in politics, but it’s in pretty poor fucking taste for a senator to mourn the victims of a shooting that he or she did nothing to prevent. Sure, gun nuts will say that the shooting would have happened anyway and all that bullshit, but this was a guy who had a file over at the FBI. There could’ve been some way to track his purchases (or just ban assault weapons like the one used in this shooting and others). In fact, the National Rifle Association took to Twitter not to support the victims of the Orlando shooting, but to attack President Obama and other Democrats for suggesting gun reform. Yes, seriously. How anyone sleeps at night is beyond me.

Of course, elected officials can believe whatever the hell they want and should feel sad about the victims of the Orlando shooting, but they shouldn’t get to do it without anyone noticing that they’re also huge hypocrites. Which is exactly why Igor Volsky calling out the actual dollar amounts each politician has taken from the NRA (according to The Washington Posts’ figures) is perfect. It’s not just the money taken from the NRA, either. Volsky is also just generally snarking left and right about the bullshit that comes out of our politicians’ mouths about guns. He is not letting any of them off the hook (nor should he). Volsky’s Twitter bio says he’s the deputy director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, but he could also have a lucrative career as a D.C. Twitter troll.

On Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

McConnell has not only taken absurd sums of money from the NRA, he’s also threatened to hold up picking a Supreme Court justice until the Senate does a favor for the gun lobby. I mean, how can you cry about mass shootings and then turn around and lick the gun lobby’s ass? It doesn’t work like that.

On House Speaker Paul Ryan:

On top of taking money from the lobby, mentioning guns in a speech post-shooting would drastically hurt Ryan’s “A” rating from the NRA.

On South Carolina Senator Tim Scott:

Scott takes money from the NRA and votes against LGBT rights on the reg, so I’m not sure why he tweeted that the shooting was a “shock.”

On Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

She tweeted that everyone should “lean on each other,” like the NRA leans on Congress to do nothing about gun reform.

On Texas Representative Michael Burgess:

At least Burgess was honest and just lauded the first responders instead of praying for victims killed by an assault weapon he doesn’t want to ban.

On Virginia Representative Barbara Comstock:

Comstock even thinks teachers should have guns. 

On South Carolina Mark Sanford:

This guy was “remembering Charleston” along with Orlando.

Unfortunately, we could be here all day with this long list of most every politician who tweeted on Sunday about Orlando. Because they all take money from the NRA, the next time someone wonders out loud about why gun reform never happens, you can tell them why.

Volsky is single handedly fighting the good fight, and he’s been doing it all day, every day since the shooting. If you’re just as mad about the lack of gun reform, you should probably help him.