Oklahoma Creates Sex Ed For An “Abortion-Free Society,” As If American Sex Ed Wasn’t Bad Enough Already

If you needed any more proof besides the mere existence of Donald Trump that we, as a country, are fucking doomed, look no further than Oklahoma. Just yesterday, Oklahoma signed an order to achieve “an abortion-free society” using state Department of Education funds. Governor Mary Fallin, a woman of all people, was the one to sign it into law. So now, when Oklahoma kids go to public school, they’ll be hit with Oklahoma-created materials teaching that life begins at conception. The bill also dictates that students learn that there are just two options if someone gets pregnant: you can keep the baby, and the school can give you a list of medical facilities, or you can put it up for adoption. “The State of Oklahoma strongly urges you to contact them if you are pregnant,” the materials will say. Talk about creepy.

In addition to weird pregnancy advice, the bill also sets aside some money for the “Humanity of the Unborn Child Fund,” which is just a high school sex ed program. But get this — since Oklahoma Republicans are so prude and terrible, this high school sex ed program teaches about what to do if a woman is pregnant (start painting a nursery and pick a few names, obviously), but doesn’t teach about actual sex, or you know, how babies are made. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so fucking sad.

For what it’s worth, Oklahoma tried to include more information in the sex ed program, but Republicans did not want teens knowing how to refer to their genitals or what they do. So, the new bill assumes that teens will be fucking (because of course they will), but won’t tell them how to do it or how to protect themselves from getting pregnant in the first place. Let’s not even talk about STDs. The moral of this story is really this: no one go home with anyone from Oklahoma, ever, because they probably have no idea what their doing or how to ask for an STD test. So. Gross.

Oklahoma isn’t the only fucked up state when it comes to sex ed. In fact, this new bill about creating an “abortion free-society” (which by the way, has never existed, anywhere) is just a stark reminder that in a lot of states, sex ed isn’t even required at all. In other states, sex ed is required but it doesn’t have to be medically accurate. So, public schools can talk to kids about sex, but tell them that you can get HIV from holding hands or some weird shit like that.

All of a sudden, politicians like Texas Senator Ted Cruz or even Trump start to make sense. We raise sex morons in public schools. Think about it: there are American teenagers who don’t know how conception works or how one should wear a condom to protect themselves, not because they’re assholes, but because no one ever told them. It’s scary that radical Christianity would make it too risqué to talk about the clitoris or sperm or anything sexual in school, but once “it” happens, teachers tell you how to keep the baby. The fact that some politicians don’t see how teaching kids about birth control and safe sex would take care of the problem is astounding.

Not only is it not safe — who wants to roll around in bed with someone who doesn’t understand what’s happening? Yuck.