This Five Year Old Saved Up To Take His BFF On A Date That Sounds Better Than Most Grown Men’s Plans

In a story that serves as a sweet relief from the widespread sadness and violence in the news, a five-year-old boy saved his money for a date with his best friend in the whole world, and honestly, it looks better than 90 percent of the dates I’ve been on. The tiny romantic named Freddie Gibson apparently asked his parents months ago what exactly a date was, so he could begin planning a romantic outing for him and his best friend, Dee Dee (seriously, even their names are adorable).

With no prompting from his parents, he decided to amp up the romance by writing and mailing Dee Dee a letter asking her to go out with him — that is, once she turned five (he already has better ethics about dating younger women than most men). While he waited for her response and her milestone fifth birthday to arrive, Freddie saved up his birthday money and purchased a grown-up wallet to store it in for his date.

Not only is this ridiculously cute, but he’s already doing better than most grown men. Sadly, I have been on multiple dates with men who don’t own anything resembling a human wallet and certainly wouldn’t mail me a letter. I would seriously question if they even know how the United States Postal Service works.

Able to recognize a good deal when it’s offered, Dee Dee accepted his invitation and the adorable pair went out to Pizza Express for their first date. As you can see here, Freddie even dressed up for the occasion, which is yet another way he is rivaling his older counterparts (I have been on three dates with men wearing tie-dye shirts, please send help). Although to be fair, five-year-old Freddie hasn’t yet dealt with a lifetime of heartbreak and confusing romantic signals.

Touched by the ridiculous cuteness of it all, not to mention the major game Freddie was laying out, the staff at Pizza Express provided the young couple with complimentary dessert decorated with sugary hearts.

According to Freddie’s mom, Nina Gibson, the two children have known each other since birth and been close friends the whole time. Nina shared with The Daily Mirror:

“Freddie had been talking about asking Dee Dee on a ‘date’ for a while, so as they’re both huge Pizza Express fans it seemed like the obvious place for them to go. It was just the cutest trip out ever and it was so wonderful to see them have such a great time.”

But did Dee Dee have a good time? As elaborate and romantic as Freddie’s planning was, if the two aren’t compatible, that’s the end of the line. Luckily, Dee Dee seemed to have as much fun as Freddie, telling The Daily Mirror, “I really enjoyed going on a date with Freddie — especially the hearts on our ice cream!”

Honestly, duhhh girl, take advantage of that dessert goodness. But really, the question all of us invested in this blooming romance are wondering is: will there be a second date?! “Dee Dee is my best friend in the whole world and I loved our date,” Freddie said. “I’d like to take Dee Dee on another date because she’s beautiful.”

Damn, if Dee Dee is down, this is a real life Notebook love story about to unfold.