John Oliver Talked About The Orlando Shooting On ‘Last Week Tonight’ & It Was Sad As Shit Like Everything Else

Maybe some of you have “friends” and “significant others” and “family” to lean on when the entire world feels like an antibiotic-resistant UTI. I’m sure that’s very fulfilling and healthy, but for those of us who deal with stress and fear by building an anti-social cocoon (made out of takeout boxes, loose wine corks, used tissues, and old batteries from our worn-out vibrator) on our couch, watching John Oliver talk about the Orlando shooting is honestly the greatest degree of comforting interpersonal intimacy we’re comfortable with because everything is simply too fucked up, and even being around people you really love makes you sad and anxious because you feel like they’re probably going to be horrifically ripped away from you at any moment because that’s just how shit works apparently.

Yesterday, clearly, was a day.

John Oliver — must like his old boss and brother in incisive, hyper-contextualized, mega-compassionate, news-comedy Jon Stewart — is exactly who I wanted to hear from last night. (Actually, I wanted to watch the Hound chop a bad guy’s guts out through his ass, but luckily we live in a time when it’s totally possible to surround oneself with enough brightly lit screens displaying multiple distractions at once, that yes, it’s totally possible to watch two shows and tweet about both of them and Instagram the sad-wine you’re drinking and text someone who you know has no chance of making you happy all at the same time, guys, what a time to be alive.)

So yeah, John Oliver started off Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight by doing what, at this point, is kind of routine after a mass shooting: acknowledging that the show they’ve already written and prepared now feels grossly inappropriate and absurd and pointless, but they’re going to do it anyway, because we honestly haven’t figured out anything better to do when almost every day feels too painful and horrible for laughter to even have a place in it.

That terrorist dipshit is, indeed, vastly outnumbered.