Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Tweeted The Most Fucked Up Thing After The Orlando Shooting

When tragedy strikes, the most natural response is to want to help, to get together, and really close with other people to make sense of the incomprehensible. In the wake of the Orlando, Florida shooting at LGBT nightclub Pulse on Sunday, everyone’s thoughts immediately went out to the victims, their families, the witnesses and first responders. But not everyone seemed to feel the same way. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick tweeted after the Orlando shooting “you reap what you sow” in some bullshit little prayer meme for all the world to see. Given the fact that Pulse nightclub catered to the LGBTQ community in Orlando and the gunman, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old, according to his father, held “anti-gay feelings,” someone needs to walk their ass to Texas and slap the Twitter app right out of Patrick’s sweaty, bigoted hands.

Not that violence is a great response either after a mass shooting. The tweet has since been deleted, so someone must have noticed that their boss had gone too far. (I mean, all he did was invoke the Bible to possibly not-so-subtly imply that the shooting victims’ ~sinful ways~ were the reason they were murdered. Maybe too far, you fucking think?)

According to Patrick, the best tidbit to pull from the good book of Galations (6:7), “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” was the best response to the tragedy. Or terrorism, which it is (not because the shooter was Muslim, to be clear, but because he murdered 50 goddamn people). Or hate crime, which is what it also is. But, LGBTQ individuals, according to Patrick, seemed to have this coming to them. It’s a disgusting and sad response to terror.

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I mean, it’s very gross. His campaign has said that the tweet was scheduled several days ago and it has since been replaced by a psalm or something. He does, if you scroll through, post Bible versus every Sunday morning because he is very, very holy. But the thing is, the fact that if Patrick had posted that quote in response to what happened in Orlando, it would’ve been totally believable coming from him. That alone says a frightening lot about who this guy is.

So who is this guy? Lt. Gov. Patrick is known for responding to national news with homophobic tweets. In 2014, he tweeted about the sanctity of marriage and has also had trouble understanding what transgender actually means and has spoken out about bathroom bills in the state. He’s not a nice person — if you reap bigotry, you’re damn sure going to sow a lot of people automatically assuming your pre-scheduled tweet was a lot more.

Scheduled tweet or not, homophobia, along with Islamophobia, runs rampant throughout the country and spikes when mass shootings like this occur. In the coming days, let me just tell you what will happen: We’ll talk about gun reform and why the guy was able to enter a nightclub with an assault rifle. And we’ll talk about the fact that Mateen was of Afghan descent and could have ties to radical Islam. I’m guessing — and I would love to be proven wrong — that we won’t talk about the fact that it was a gay night club or that Mateen once got angry after seeing two men kiss “in front of his son.” This was terrorism, not matter what, but this was terrorism targeted at LGBTQ individuals.

And some — if you dig into the depths of Twitter, which I do not recommend unless you want to start throwing things at the wall — feel like, if anything, violence towards LGBTQ individuals is not so bad. Whether Patrick’s response was scheduled or not doesn’t really matter. He is a homophobe with a history of blocking civil rights for LGBTQ Texans. He does not believe that the LGBTQ community deserves recognition.

I’m sure Dan Patrick doesn’t like “radical Muslims” either. But it’s largely radical Christianity that keeps assholes like Patrick in office and stalls progress when it comes to LGBTQ civil rights. This is a terrible day for everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice if, at least elected officials, fought hate like Mateen’s with kindness and compassion for others instead of trying to justify their own ignorance? We have a long, long way to go.