Watch Obama Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’ Like The Cool President™ He Is

The ironic and adorable thing about Cool President™ Barack Obama is that he is arguably the only person alive who could ~slow jam~ with the Roots — the fucking Roots, aka, probably the actual coolest group of living humans — and still come off seeming like a nerdy dad giving you an earnest talk about responsibility. Regardless, watching Obama slow jam the news on The Tonight Show with aging imp Jimmy Fallon is pretty charmingly thick with sensual double entendre and a few zingers that people probably high-fived over in the writers’ room.

The whole thing was your standard president-on-late-night-TV setup: putting whatever PR agenda talking points Obama is there to hit within a framework that makes it palatably funny for viewers. The Tonight Show always does this with Obama really well, and last night was no exception. It also helps that Obama is counting down the days — literally, he counts down the days — until he passes his sloppy seconds off to Hillary and quits this shit gig for good. A second-term president during an election year is always so beautifully, shamelessly devoid of fucks to give. There’s pretty much no other time when you’re going to see the Commander-in-Chief stand there while someone makes an anal sex joke about his attempts to work with a stonewalling Congress.

No, I mean that actually happened:

The whole thing was essentially just Jimmy Fallon using his best white-boy Barry White voice to make Obama’s recounting of his accomplishments over 8 years in office sound like super sexy sex-thoughts.

And while no one part of this is enough to be sexy, some combination of impish jokester (who let’s just assume has a secret dark drug habit because that’s more interesting), a powerful leader who’s grizzled beyond giving a shit, and two musicians with expertly manicured beards… I mean, I’m not entirely not turned on by this.

Oh and obviously we got one solid Trump dig in there:

Anyway, thoughts and prayers with Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show team as they brace themselves for the herculean task of making Hillary seem funny for four long years (not that she needs to be funny or likable to be president, fuck you very much). Because Obama is out.

Here’s the whole thing, which is sufficiently adorable, including the part where Jimmy calls him “Bareezus” and makes what I hope is the world’s final “Netflix and chill” joke:

I resent every moment of this when the camera is focused anywhere other than the immaculate beards in the back.