This Scottish Grandma Rapping To Drake On Vine Will Definitely Brighten Up Your Day

The internet does weird things to people, like this Scottish grandma who raps to Drake on Vine. Yes, that’s exactly what she does. But, she doesn’t so much rap as she does recite random Drake lyrics in various grandma-like poses — staring out the window, sitting in her chair, and chilling in a grocery story. With the Scottish accent and random bagpipe music in the back, the videos somehow sound like she’s lecturing you or lamenting that you’re not coming to visit often enough. I’m torn as to whether it’s funny or just — well, it makes me feel weird, how about that? (This is probably something I should talk about with a professional.)

Bette Reynolds, who is only 68-years old, has been on Vine for sometime, but her son, Stewart, had the idea to get her to recite rap lyrics and manages her account that’s racked up 900,000 followers. She told Mashable she records some of them herself on her iPad, which is almost funnier than the videos themselves. So, this is what moms and grandmas do when the kids leave the house. Reynolds told Mashable that she gets a kick out of doing them and doesn’t feel like the butt of the joke at all. “I’m always up for having fun and making people laugh,” she said.

Here she is doing “Jumpman,” which sounds rather ominous with her accent.

And then doing “Started from the Bottom,” where I can’t tell if she’s sad about it or not.

The collection could never be complete without a little Hennessy in her hand, of course.

Her whole family is way into the Vine thing. Stewart, who goes by Brittlestar on the looping video social network, also has a pretty decent following. They’re all about the jokes, these Scots. According to The Daily Dot, Stewart said that it’s all in good fun. “My mom loves making people laugh and smile,” he said. “She’s made a few Vines prior to these, but I had the idea that it would be hilarious to have her recite rap lyrics. Just the fact that she’s this Scottish granny makes it 10 times funnier. “She also does Kanye West, just in case you were looking for a little range.

Funny, yes. Odd, also yes. But old people talking about Hennessy or how they “gotta a lot of enemies” is somehow always going to be a win when it comes to the internet. If she’s having fun, why not? It does make one wonder if she knows Drake or if her son just feeds her lines. This is why I’m never having children.

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