Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton And Says She’s Qualified To Be VP (Duh)

The nomination is still not set in stone, but despite the fact that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders still hasn’t dropped out of the primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now starting to get some of the endorsements she needs ahead of the convention. First, it was President Obama. Then on Thursday night, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton, fueling speculation that she might be a vice presidential pick. The best part of Warren’s endorsement is that it’s not just about policy: Warren fights Wall Street, and Clinton has often catered to it. No, Warren is endorsing Clinton because she’s a badass.

Warren said on The Rachel Maddow Show about Clinton, “She’s out there, she’s tough, and I think this is what we need. Look at who she is. For 25 years, she’s been taking the incomings, right?”

She continued, “The right wing has thrown everything they possibly can at her. And what does she do? A lot of people would just hang up their spurs. They’d say, ‘You know, I’ve had enough of this.’ And she doesn’t. What she’s done is she gets back up and she gets back in the fight.” She added that the Democrats need someone who “can throw a punch” at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

After her endorsement, Maddow asked the senator if she could be president, if she had to be (because, you know, the vice president’s main role is taking over if the president dies). Warren just responded — deadpan — that she could, leaving the door open to being Clinton’s running mate. Warren could very well be a VP pick, or at least a very outspoken Clinton surrogate for the general election. The two women did have a top secret meeting with Clinton Friday morning, which means an announcement about being the vice president has to be in the works. Right?! I mean, Warren’s stayed neutral this entire time, and there are plenty of arguments for why she won’t be Clinton’s running mate. Maybe her endorsement is just the desire to get rid of Trump, but she could be starting to see that a good way to do that would be to get on the ticket.

She even backed the Democratic candidate on Twitter Friday. After Trump said she had a dirty mouth (because the senator gave a pretty passionate speech about how Trump was a lying, crazy, racist on Thursday night, too), Warren responded with a simple “No seriously — delete your account.” Oh, shit. That’s how Hillz herself responded to the lunatic on Thursday. These ladies are clearly on the same team.

So, at least it’s already a united front. If Warren was the vice presidential pick, it would sort of be the coolest thing ever. Not only would it be historic, because whatever, but Warren kind of makes up for all of Clinton’s faults in that she appeals to the super progressive Sanders supporters who think banks rule the world (which they sort of do). And Clinton needs those guys to come out. Both women are also great politicians. Like, really, really good politicians, with real ideas about how to do things and long histories of actually getting things done. They each know how to make Washington work and believe in things (sometimes different things, which can be good).

If there was any duo to take down the Republicans this year, and Trump in particular, it’s these two. More than that, if there’s any duo to hold down the fort and maybe even (pretty, pretty please) get Congress to actually fucking do something, it would totally be Clinton and Warren. I’m already dreaming about passing the Equality Act and healthcare and gun control reform, and (oh!) student loan reform. Whew, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

But come on. I mean, look at these guys. How can you not want them to be the leaders of the free world?

We kind of need them to be in charge. I think America is more ready for two female presidents than it was even for Obama to be president in 2008.