This ‘Game of Thrones’ / ‘Mean Girl’ Mashup Works Because Apparently ‘Mean Girls’ Is Full of Universal Truths

It is unspoken law on the internet that a pop culture phenomenon is not truly a phenomenon until someone with some time on their hands takes a bunch of screen grabs and throws some Mean Girls quotes on top to really bring the point home.  I’m surprised that it took this long for this to happen but, HelloGiggles threw together a Game of Thrones/Mean Girls mashup that scratches that itch you never knew you had and the results, as they say, will astonish you.

Mean Girls and its vast wealth of snappy, relatable quotes appears to be the cornerstone of an as-yet-written grand unified theory of the shareable, “snackable”  viral internet. Wait, you think. They’ve done this before, yeah? Surely I’ve seen Daenerys’s face next to some meme font with a quote from Mean Girls, right?  Yeah, maybe. If you stare at anything long enough, you can very easily convince yourself that it’s something that’s been done before because the internet is essentially a simulacrum of both real life and human interaction. But, the kids at HelloGiggles have done the good work of folding in recent developments in the Game of Thrones universe with some excellent results.

Here’s what we mean.

CREDIT: HelloGiggles
CREDIT: HelloGiggles
CREDIT: HelloGiggles

While our friends in Westeros are the most recent to recieve this treatment and to gain traction while doing so, Mean Girls memes have been around for a good long time. Sadly, most of adult life parses out the same way that high school does and the universal truths presented by the seminal film are still relevant, even though they’re twelve goddamn years old — a testament to the brilliance of Tina Fey in her peak or just a succinct acknowledgement of how shitty high school actually is.

There’s Mean Girls of Panem and Mean Girls of Capitol Hill and Classical Mean Girls. There’s the Mean Disney Girls, which is a video that has been viewed 13 million times on YouTube and most likely screencapped and “It me’d” more times than a machine could count.

Does your fav exist if it hasn’t been Mean Girls’ed and packaged for re-consumption through the lens of that great equalizer, the halls of your local high school? Should we be wondering what it all means that a large section of the meme-o-sphere is dedicated to taking snappy quotes from a movie that’s over a decade old and throwing them atop images from current cultural artifacts? Does any of this have anything to say about our lack of creativity? No, probably not. It’s not that deep! Just enjoy it.