This Awesome New Machine Will Fold Your Laundry. Thank God!

If you hate doing laundry and you have a few hundred bucks to spare, then prepare to celebrate! The latest advancement in home appliances is the FoldiMate, a machine that will press and fold clothes on your behalf. It’s true – you no longer have to waste your precious time folding the giant pile of laundry on your couch. You can finally put that time to better use by watching TV, sleeping, or eating chocolate while you watch your new friend do all the work.

FoldiMate, a robotic device created by a team of techie dudes, has been commercially available since 2014 and is finally being designed for  home use. The machine is simple to use – just clip the clothes onto the built in clothes hangers and let the machine take care of the rest. According to the website, the FoldiMate will steam and fold a pile of clothes perfectly each time. And, for the fancy folks out here, there are options to add a sanitizing or perfuming spray to the process for an additional burst of freshness. A promotional video about the machine has also been posted and shows how easy it is to clip and pick up a fresh load of laundry.

The website already has over 74K people registered on their website to get information about the upcoming release of the product. FoldiMate will start accepting pre-orders sometime in 2017 is slated for a public release in 2018. Here’s the bad news – this fancy folding machine will set you back about $700-$850. But, that’s the price you pay for a little convenience.

I’ll admit to raising a curious eyebrow when I first saw this product pop up on Twitter. Folding laundry is my nemesis and it is a major time drain because I have four people in my house. But, I have questions. First, does it work on clothes that aren’t “basics?” The FoldiMate is designed to handle jeans, sweaters, and sweatpants, but what happens if the user is a person who wears a ton of frilly, sequined shirts? What about people who wear larger-sized clothing? The video shows it working well on basic button down shirts and T-Shirts, but I can imagine some technical difficulty with some pieces. And, since I’m already on the lazy train, why do I have to hang the clothes? By the time I hang the clothes and complain, I could have folded them and complained. The only difference is I can do one of those for free. Despite my concerns, I’m still high-key hoping this machine will be awesome and I will be able to buy it one day…after everyone else has tested it out!