Hillary Clinton Just Told Donald Trump To Delete His Twitter Account Over This Tweet He Sent Out

Things have officially gotten real in political Twitter. After President Obama endorsed the presumptive Democratic nominee on Thursday, Hillary Clinton told Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account. Those are some fighting words. The presumptive Republican nominee and avid Twitter user tweeted that Obama endorsed “Crooked Hillary,” and her social media team responded with basically the only thing anyone can think when they read Trump’s Twitter timeline: “Delete your account.” Scratch that — isn’t that what most people think when they hear The Donald speak, let alone tweet? Just stop, dude. We can’t take it anymore.

There are a few things that cross someone’s mind when reading the tweet from the official Clinton campaign Twitter account. First, was her account hacked? There have been some big name Twitter hacks recently, and I have to admit, my very first thought was, “Oh, she didn’t say that.”

My second thought was, “Wow, yes, her Twitter account did actually tweet, ‘Delete your account.'” There have been a few instances where her social media team took on a very young, snarky tone, and this is one of those times. “Delete your account” sounds like a 2016 teenager snubbing her mom’s attempt to rock a Kylie Jenner lip color — exaggerated eye roll included.

The third thought that comes to mind is that while one can appreciate the sentiment, it’s obvious that Clinton isn’t tweeting this kind of shit herself, despite her famed Blackberry use. If she did, she wouldn’t have so much trouble looking like a real, live human to voters. (Trump, on the other hand, is actually spouting all the crap he thinks in 140 characters.) This is some very good, and possibly dangerous, tweeting presumably done by an intern I would like to hang out with.

Even if Clinton isn’t tweeting herself, social media personalities play a big role in winning people over. Donald is sort of like Kanye — he goes on crazy rants, has a Jesus complex, and is just thumbing away on his private jet while watching cable news on split screens and filing his nails (just guessing here). On some level, I sort of respect that.

Now that Clinton is pretty much the Democratic nominee for president, she has to take this crazy man head on. Part of that involves navigating the very thin line between being a better, more “presidential looking” candidate than he is and going on the offense. We’re talking about a guy who took out like 10 Republican candidates just by bullying them out of the primary playground. Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. But let’s not forget that some of Trump’s tweeting led even semi-respectable candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio to take jabs at the size of Trump’s penis. That actually happened. That’s what bullies do.

Now that she’s the presumptive nominee, Clinton has a long way to go when it comes to winning over Bernie Bros and millennials in general. Some ways to do that are to stop looking like she transported herself directly from the ’90s and find a way to pump up her very real, very successful life-long political career without looking like the grandmother who lowers her voice every time she says “black people” over the dinner table. At the same time, she also has to appeal to grandmothers who say “black people” in a hushed voice over a meatloaf dinner. It’s not going to be easy.

Luckily for Clinton, what happens on Twitter tends to stay on Twitter — to a certain extent (those grandmothers aren’t tweeting). This snarky “delete your account” tweet is a way to flip her metaphorical pony tail over her shoulder and get the “cool kids” on Twitter to think she’s, well, cool. It could work, if she keeps it clean.

However, she needs to be very, very careful, or she’ll get Rubio-ed right out of this election, and then we’re all screwed.