Who Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate? Here Are The Rumored Frontrunners

Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure the presidential nomination for a major U.S. political party after primary victories in California and New Jersey crushed Bernie Sander’s chances Tuesday. The former secretary of state was confident she would be the nominee, especially after the Associated Press reported Monday that she had the needed 2,383 pledged and unpledged delegates to clinch the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July; however, Sanders has remained adamant that he will stay in the race through the final primary next week. Regardless of Sanders’ continued campaign, Clinton is expected to take the nomination and everyone’s attention has shifted to the general election, with names of rumored frontrunners for Clinton’s running mate popping up.

Although many liberals want to see Senate superstar Elizabeth Warren on the 2016 Democratic ticket, she’s not a likely choice. Clinton’s campaign has voiced interest in an all-female ticket without committing to anything, but there’s no proof the two women get along, much less want to join forces to run the country. Warren hasn’t expressed any interest in being vice president and could arguably make a lot more progress in her current role as a kickass senator. Not to mention, her popularity could very well outshine Clinton, who’s a much more divisive character.

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Similarly, there’s always speculation that the runner-up will become the VP, but Sanders is also not a probable pick despite leaving the possibility open months ago. Not only would Sanders’ presence on the ticket make it more difficult to win over moderate Independent voters (he’s a self-proclaimed democratic socialist after all), he would also have to abandon his anti-establishment values in order to team up with the woman he’s bashed for months for not being tough on Wall Street banks.

So, with Warren and Sanders likely out of the picture, who will it be? History suggests that a sitting senators is most likely to be chosen as the Democratic vice presidential contender, but Clinton herself is already a big deviation from the norm, so who knows whether this will hold true. Here are the probable frontrunners to be Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.

Corey Booker, New Jersey Senator

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The 47-year-old New Jersey senator and former Newark mayor, Corey Booker, started campaigning for Clinton early on in Iowa. Although he represents the same part of the country as Clinton and therefore wouldn’t help win over a contested state or region, Booker would add racial diversity to Clinton’s ticket. He’s recently focused his Senate efforts on criminal justice reform, which has also been a pillar of Clinton’s campaign.

Tim Kaine, Virginia Senator

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Virginia Senator and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, 58, was on the short list to be President Obama’s VP pick back in 2008 and could still be a useful choice. Because Virginia is a swing state, he could strategically help the Democratic party win the general election. Kaine served as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011 and currently sits on the armed services, budget, foreign relations, and aging Senate committees.

Deval Patrick, Former Massachusetts Governor 

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Massachusetts’ former governor, 59-year-old Deval Patrick, is a well-known Democratic politician who could also boost the Clinton campaign’s racial diversity. The New York Times’ reported that Clinton is considering him as a running mate, although he doesn’t have any experience with national issues or foreign relations.

Thomas E. Perez, Secretary of Labor

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President Obama’s labor secretary and civil rights lawyer, Thomas E. Perez, has also had his name thrown around. The 54-year-old doesn’t have much name recognition and has never been elected to a national political office, but top Democrats like him and his experience working on civil rights issues at the Justice Department would give Clinton’s campaign credibility on many of the equality issues she touts.

Mark Warner, Virginia Senator

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Just like Kaine, 61-year-old Mark Warner is a former Virginia governor and current senator for the battleground state. However, Warner is slightly less progressive than Kaine, which could be useful in winning over more moderate Independent voters in other swing states. Of course, the fact that he’s another old white dude isn’t a plus.

Although Clinton expressed interest in a female VP, no viable names have reached the political rumor mill. Hopefully she’ll release her official short list soon, so voters can start to get acquainted with her running mate before November.