This Woman Is Suing SoulCycle For Falling Off Her Bike After Being “Shamed” By The Instructor

Exercise is good for you — no one can say it’s not. But in my opinion, SoulCycle or anything that involves planning way in advance or costs a lot of money just seems like too much. Now, there is a woman suing SoulCycle for injuring herself after she was embarrassed by an instructor, and I feel totally fucking vindicated. Sure, maybe you go to SoulCycle and it’s fun and you like it, but wouldn’t you rather just like, take a bike ride?

Carmen Farias would have. She was taking a class in one of the Beverly Hills studios in California with her coworkers, and apparently, they managed to get into a class with instructor Angela Davis (who is, according to SoulCycle legend, the best). I mean, Oprah takes classes with her, so she must be great. (I just had an image of Oprah making everyone look under their seat during her “Favorite Things” episodes and yelling, “YOU get an Angela Davis! And you!” But anyway.)

According court documents, Farias got a little zonked about a half hour into the class and her leg started hurting, so she tried to stop the pedals from spinning. I didn’t know that SoulCycle bikes don’t stop pedaling? This just adds to my terror of luxe spin classes.

Davis allegedly “barked” at Farias and the rest of the class that they “don’t take breaks.” According to court documents, Farias claims “the shame” caused her to “momentarily attempt to pedal faster.” But her leg was already hurting and she was exhausted!  She then fell right off the maniacal spinning bike and dislocated her ankle. Dude, Farias, I feel you.

Farias purports that SoulCycle and Davis never instructed the class on how to use the bikes (because you aren’t supposed to stop, Carmen, don’t you know?). She also said she never signed a waiver. It’s unclear how much she is suing the fitness company for and what kind of damages she’s looking to recoup, but I’m assuming some money for pain and suffering is involved.

Civil suits can sometimes seem frivolous, but it’s the only way people can really get what they deserve from big companies and individuals when they get hurt. If she was really injured and the company is liable for not showing her how to turn the bike off if she wanted to, she should get some dough.

But it also sort of sounds like Farias was maaaaad embarrassed about falling off the bike, right? Talk about putting salt in a wound. Shame can be real in classes like that — there’s the whole “I didn’t know people don’t wear their old t-shirts to these things!,” “How does everyone know what they’re doing already?,” and “OMG is that the IT guy from work in the corner?Whyyyy?” thing that happens in group fitness, especially expensive group fitness.

One time I couldn’t get my legs up a wall in a $25 yoga class, and I would have taken that yoga studio for everything they were worth. If you had seen the eye roll from the chick next to me, you would totally be on my side — I pinky swear. So, Farias, you do you, lady.

SoulCycle sounds insane — you deserve your money back just for showing up in the first place and allegedly being barked at while cycling. I shudder at the thought.