This Mom Pulled The Ultimate Mom-Move And Thought These Toy Capsules Were Hard Drugs

Will Smith’s famous lyric “Parents just don’t understand”  will forever be relevant and in this case, very, very true. Meet Ashley Banks, a 16 year old girl who tweeted about her mom thinking she found drugs, when she had actually found those little toys where you can grow your own dinosaur. I used to buy things like that on Oriental Trading all the time growing up for party favors and the like, but apparently times change! It seems this mom never got them in her favor bag since she pulled the ultimate mom-move by thinking that these were hard drugs that she had discovered. Thanks to Twitter and the rest of the internet, we are able to share all of those “Oh, Mom” moments with the world.

Like most viral content, it all started with a single post. Teen Ashley Banks tweeted about the ordeal and it has been retweeted over 40,000 times since its initial post on June 3rd.

Here’s the tweet:

Okay, now let’s break this down, one screenshot at a time.


Girl, you’ve got a game room?! Must be nice.

Take a close look at these “drugs” that she felt compelled to snap a pic of and send to her daughter. They are down right cartoonish with their bright coloring and large size. They look like enlarged jellybeans, which actually sounds delicious. Candy companies should get on that for next Easter.

Having never done drugs is one thing, but does this mom ever watched scenes with drugs on HBO? A documentary? Like, what drug did she think this was?!

Here’s where she makes her accusations:


“As soon as your dad comes home from California”?! What is this, the fifties? I thought the days of “Wait until your father comes home” were behind us, but I am reminded here that this is not the case. It’s 2016! Discipline your daughter yourself! You don’t need no man!

Let’s not forget that there is no reason for punishment here. These are obviously not at all real drugs. I know that and you know that, but this mom is beyond naive.

At first I found this adorable, but now I’m kind of annoyed. You’re a grown woman! You really think these are actual drugs?! You really used “your” instead of “you’re”? C’mon.

These last two screenshots lead me to believe that this woman has way too much time on her hands.


She had time to just wait for the dinos to grow like that?! SMH.