12 #GirlIGuessI’mWithHer Memes That Perfectly Explain Your Reluctance To Back Hillary Clinton

After major victories in California’s and New Jersey’s primaries Tuesday, Hillary Clinton became the unequivocal nominee for the Democratic party. Naturally, fans of Bernie Sanders were disappointed that their beloved democratic socialist is very unlikely to represent the left in November’s general election (despite his refusal to drop out of the race), and even undecided Democrats were reluctant to put their full support behind the former secretary of state. Everyone’s aware that Clinton has her downfalls, and #GirlIGuessI’mWithHer memes perfectly describe the mental anguish of choosing between Clinton and Donald Trump.

Especially for young voters who backed Sanders as the honest, anti-establishment candidate, Clinton’s somewhat questionable morals and history of political controversies are a big turnoff. However, if you identify as a progressive Democrat, you’re bound to vote for her over the GOP’s presumptive nominee. Even for many feminists who would love to see a woman in the White House (I mean, duh), it’s difficult to say “I’m with her” about a candidate they don’t fully trust.

With that said, every politician is a little bit corrupt and untrustworthy — it’s basically a requirement for the job — so anti-Trump voters have cautiously declared: #GirlIGuessI’mWithHer. These Twitter memes beautifully capture the struggle that is the 2016 election.

Going To Vote In November

Leaving The Polls

When Sanders Isn’t On The Ballot

All The Feels

When You Can’t Vote For Trump

Remembering It’s For The Common Good

Looking At The Ballot Like

Britney’s Face Says It All

When You’re Too Good For This

The Fake Enthusiasm

Leaning On Your Friends For Support

*Crying Actual Tears*

What are you to do when stuck between a rock and a hard place — er, a rock and an orange blob?