This Man Got Breast Implants To Win A $100,000 Bet And ‘Botched’ Didn’t Censor His Breasts

And now, a heartwarming tale of stupidity from E!, purveyor of high-quality reality TV. Brian Zembic, who identifies as a “gambler/magician”(same) is a man who got breast implants for a $100,000 bet. He appeared on the most recent episode of Botched to discuss his new boobs, regaling us with the following tale. Oh, and also E! didn’t censor his breasts the way they definitely would if a female-identifying person were attached to them because that’s just how we view bodies: women’s bodies are inherently sexual and therefore lewd, whereas male bodies are allowed to exist in all kinds of states, and are only sexual when the man chooses for them to be. Gender inequality 101, get into it! Moving on.

Brian Zembic is unafraid of a dare. He slept under the 59th Street Bridge once with $10,000 wrapped around his ankle for one week. He accepted a bet for $5,000 to live in a friend’s bathroom for a month, or possibly in a box on Fifth Avenue. There’s also probably a lot of stuff he’s done that he hasn’t shared with us, but the story of how he came to have a healthy set of C-cups on his chest is the stuff of questionable legend. One day in “1997-ish”,Zembic was sitting in a restaurant in “Europe” with some of his gambler-magician friends, admiring the bosoms of some of their dinner guests. “If I had boobs like hers,” he thought, “I could get just as much attention as she could.”

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Apparently one of his friends bet him $100,000 to get breast implants and so he found a plastic surgeon who was also a gambler who agreed to do the implants after a rousing high-stakes game of backgammon. “Boom, surgery was for free!” says Zembic.

Watch closely at the beginning, as Zembic will reveal his boobs. Notice, by the way, how said boobs are not censored. Notice how Zembic takes out his breasts and shakes them like he’s working very hard to get the good throws at Mardi Gras. Think about what would happen if  Think hard about what happens when a woman’s bare breasts are shown on camera. Doesn’t it seem…strange that E! didn’t blur his breasts? Maybe it has something to do with the size of the nipples? Maybe they’re fine with the way they look – less like breasts and more like super-inflated pecs – and decided that they’d let this one go? Double standards are par for the course, but for some reason, a part of me assumed that if a woman’s body part is censored on camera, a man’s body with breasts crafted specifically to look like a woman’s breast should be censored, too.

After living with his breasts since the late ’90s, Zembic is ready to have them removed. Same, sometimes, but I don’t have the luxury of that option! We wish you the best of luck, dude. Godspeed.