Taylor Swift Crashed A Wedding In New Jersey & Performed ‘Blank Space,’ AKA, The Worst Wedding Song Ever

The heart wants what the heart wants and if there’s anyone who knows about the trials and tribulations of relationships, it’s Taylor Swift. Which is exactly why Kenya Smith and Max Singer asked Taylor Swift to crash their wedding and sing one of her tunes. Not only did she show up to the Brant Beach Yacht Club in New Jersey on Saturday, she also made them a handmade card, performed an acoustic version of “Blank Space” at the reception, and posed in pictures with the couple. What the hell did you do this weekend? The recently single 26-year-old singer apparently was all about the love.

Singer’s sister Ali handled the whole thing. For a month, she has been communicating with Swift, telling the pop star about the recent death of Max’s mom and how big of a fan he is (FACT: only real men admit to loving T. Swift). The couple has already been officially married. They tied the knot in the hospital so that his mother wouldn’t have to miss the important event and they danced to “Blank Space” as their mother-son dance. Swift was obviously moved enough — because who wouldn’t be — to do the Singer’s a solid. Say what you will about Taylor, but she seems like a pretty nice human. Like, maybe that “nice girl” thing isn’t a schtick.


On her card, which apparently she made herself with watercolor paint, because, you know, she is perfect, the singer wrote the couples’ names and a lyric from the song, “so it’s gonna be forever.” I mean, that’s pretty freaking adorable. But isn’t “Blank Space” like the worst song — apart from that one lyric — for a wedding? “Or it’s gonna go down in flames,” is the next part. That doesn’t sound very romantic to me, but I guess if it works for the Singers’ it’s none of my goddamn business.

It’s also, at the risk of sounding sentimental, a nice way to distract wedding guests from the fact that the mother of groom couldn’t be there. Instead of a weird bittersweet day, guests and the couple could just ogle Taylor Swift, which is exactly what I would have been doing. She’s like a gazelle in the wild — eerily always on point, well dressed, and her lipstick. Like, who always has perfect lipstick on? I don’t know even know how to apply such things.

Even if “Blank Space” is the worst wedding song ever, it’s pretty adorable that she was game for making a surprise appearance. Anything for love, y’all.