Bank Of America Fired A Racist Employee Over Her Insane Facebook Rant About Black People

Newsflash: If you are going to be a complete moron on the internet, you probably shouldn’t include your place of employment on your social media pages. In the latest round of WTF news, Bank of America employee Christine McMullen Lindgren was fired from Bank of America after an inexplicably racist Facebook rant. It’s not clear why Lindgren decided to put her thoughts online, but the former personal banker unleashed her hatred for black people for all of Facebook to see.

What. The. Hell. The post began to pick up steam as people started sharing and (rightfully) dragging Lindgren to the ends of the world wide web. As we all know, social media is filled with investigative reporters searching for details to destroy trolls, so it was only a matter of time before someone took a peek at her page and saw she was a personal banker for Bank of America in the Atlanta area. People began to flood the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as their phone lines, with thousands of demands to have Lindgren fired for her horrible rant or they would take their money elsewhere.

Around this time, Lindgren began to realize how much of an idiot she was and deleted the post, as well as her entire Facebook account. Apparently, she doesn’t understand the power of a screenshot.

Christine Lindgren Facebook Post
CREDIT: Facebook/Christine McMullen Lindgren

Bank of America decided to do the right thing and fire her because of her racist comments. This wasn’t a surprise since Bank of America had to cough up approximately 2.2 million dollars to black job applicants after finding out that the Charlotte, North Carolina home office discriminated against them during the application process. And, with the pervasive racial issues in America, it would have been both morally wrong and a PR nightmare to not react to this situation. The company’s official Twitter page posted this statement about the incident, letting everyone know they had no tolerance for Lindgren’s foolery:

Of course, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Last year, Regal Cinemas fired 21-year-old Hyley DiBona when she took to Twitter to say she thought minorities should go back where they came from if they didn’t like America. After exchanging verbal blows with a few people online, it was revealed that she worked for the movie theater company and she was fired almost immediately. Life comes at ya fast!


So, what’s the lesson here? First, don’t be a racist person who spends your time littering social media with your trash-ass thoughts. Second, if you decide to put your place of employment in your bio, or even post a pic of your uniform or workplace, it’s probably not a good idea to make offensive blanket statements about an entire race of people.

Yeah, you would think your social media account doesn’t have much to do with how well you perform your actual job, but if you are harboring hate toward people because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation, then your bias IS probably going to affect how you treat those people. And, tying a brand to your social media accounts in any way kind of means you need to not be stupid and represent your employer well. Otherwise, the heroes of the Internet will make sure you are FIRED.