Anderson Cooper Could Be The Next ‘Live! With Kelly’ Co-Host Despite An Already Full Schedule

Live! With Kelly has been on the hunt for a new co-host to take the stage with TV personality Kelly Ripa, but there really isn’t a need to search. CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently guest hosted Live! with Ripa, and the energy between them was insane and at times a little… frisky (see what I did there??). Although he has guest hosted with Ripa many times before, it was his first appearance on the show since she became a temporary solo act.

Cooper effortlessly vibed with Ripa as they talked about spending Memorial Day weekend together. Along with her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their children, Ripa had a fun-filled holiday trip with Cooper at his home in Connecticut. There was laughter about an inflatable golden swan and other inside details between the pals that entertained the audience during their desk chat portion of the show. Ripa even threw in a nice joke about spending Hump Day with Cooper because why the hell not?

Fans of the show adored their attempt to samba together before interviewing singer Gloria Estefan and laughed at their acrobatic talents (or lack thereof) during a segment with a fitness instructor. When Cooper returned the day after the acrobatic segment, Ripa playfully teased him about it, and he took the friendly quips in stride. She also shared their impromptu attempts at dancing together backstage on her Instagram page and later commented that they “just made a baby.”

Cooper’s name as a replacement for former co-host Michael Strahan, who left Live! for Good Morning America, has been floating around since day one. Entertainment Tonight reported that Ripa would likely bring up her good friend’s name as a candidate and had actually wanted him on the show when Regis Philbin left several years ago. Cooper has also expressed interest in juggling daytime TV with Ripa and his current nighttime show, Anderson Cooper 360. Since 2016 is an election year and Cooper is a prominent voice for CNN’s politics, he already has his hands full, but said it would be “a dream” to work with Ripa if he had the chance. However, no offer had been made yet.

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Right now, there’s a lot of speculation in the air, but according to People magazine, some thinks their tight friendship could hurt the show. Perhaps there would be too much inside talk of their weekend hangouts, or they would chat and have nothing to share with the audience. This sort of makes sense — while hearing about an inflatable swan is funny, no one wants to hear about their weekend adventures every day.

But, Cooper and Ripa are both pros who can surely find a way to balance friendship chatter with other interesting topics. Chemistry between co-hosts is a must, and it can be hard to come by. S,o ABC might as well give Cooper a try.