Brie Larson Could Be Captain Marvel And It’s About Damn Time This Movie Is Made

It’s probably too early to get too excited about it, but rumor has that Brie Larson is going to play Captain Marvel in her own stand-alone action film. For those not in the know, Captain Marvel is one of the franchise’s most popular superheroes. There have been many iterations of the character, but they’re going with the most recent version, Carol Danvers, who is female. But you don’t have to like comics and superheroes to think this is a pretty cool gig for the Oscar winner. Although there is no director yet and negotiations aren’t finalized, they are definitely making the movie, according to Variety. And of course Larson should be in it, but it’s just good to know there’s going to be a movie featuring a woman saving the world, since Marvel Studios has yet to make one.

It looks like Hollywood might finally be catching on to the fact that audiences are OK with watching women play major roles in a notoriously “male” genre. Even though chicks dig comics, too. Although the all-female Ghostbusters movie caught a lot of flack from critics and purists, there seems to be a trend. Last month, a film about DC Entertainment’s Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn, starring Margot Robbie, was announced over at Warner Bros.

The scene is still pretty freaking white all around, but for now I can be content with the baby steps of progress. Not for long though.

Likewise, the fact that Finding Dory might have a lesbian couple and giving Captain America a boyfriend could actually be a thing is pretty good news. Then again, we still have a long, long way to go when it comes to giving women and people of color the kinds of good roles dudes get all the freaking time. Luckily, Larson seems to know what’s up. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said that she tries not to take traditional “female” roles. She said she feels like she’s “paving the way, finding the roles that have the complication instead of the one that’s always got it together or the dedicated housewife or the wild one who smokes cigarettes and sleeps with anybody.”

The potential problem with a superhero movie is that it could also fall into some of the same old tropes of the “sexy,” spandex-clad woman just flying around the screen for men to jerk off to, but it doesn’t seem like Larson would be into that — hopefully that’s why she’s waiting for the film to be written to confirm. She’s been outspoken in the past about objectification of women in Hollywood, so she might not be a good pick just because she’s a great actress and because she’s a woman, but also because she’s a woman using her goddamn voice to stand up for herself.

Comparing her salary for the film to those of male actors playing superheroes will be an interesting task, unless she goes Robin Wright on everyone. Let’s all hope she does — whether or not it’s a movie you’d actually want to watch.