Amber Heard’s Text Messages Alleged Abuse Way Back In 2014, Fueling Her Shamers More

This Amber Heard and Johnny Depp thing is starting to get out of control. On Thursday, Entertainment Tonight obtained alleged text messages from Amber Heard from 2014 that say Depp was abusing her back then. Are they hers? Who knows. But they’re pretty damning if they’re real. The messages are reportedly from Stephen Deuters, Depp’s assistant at the time, and start off saying sorry for Depp’s actions “the day before” and trying to convince Heard to talk to him.

Deuters allegedly wrote that Depp was a “a little lost boy” and totally “distraught.” Judging from the conversation, he was also probably wasted. As in, didn’t remember what had happened and wanted to “get better.” The texts say, “When I told him he kicked you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

In the texts allegedly from Heard, the sender actually holds her own. The texts says she doesn’t want to be around him and that she, unfortunately, does remember everything and isn’t planning on running home to comfort her then-boyfriend. The texts say, “He’s done this many times before. Tokyo, the island, London (remember that?!), and I always stay.” She then purportedly adds that she always believe him when he says he wants to change and then three months later finds herself “in the exact same position.”

ET hasn’t been able to confirm if the messages are real or if they’ve been doctored, so this is just another piece of information to stash away in the “WTF Happened To Amber Heard?” file.

But, if I were to speculate (sneaky laugh), all of this sounds So. Freaking. Typical. Many people don’t understand why Heard would then marry him, or report it, or stick around, or freaking smile with her friend while walking down the street because they can’t get it — because they’ve never been there. There’s an entire domestic abuse campaign explaining why women — or any victim, regardless of gender — stay. The speculation about “why women stay” with abusive men is even insulting to victims. The nitty gritty details about why couples stay together too long, even in just bad relationships, doesn’t matter. It matters that eventually the victim speaks out. The abuse should be what everyone freaks out about — nothing else.

It’s not people’s fault if they don’t get it. Fine. But it is telling that many in Heard’s corner on social media are women. Then again, there are also just as many women calling Heard a conniving manipulator after Depp’s money. I guess if any seemingly nice dude can turn out to be a violent asshole, any seemingly nice woman can use you for cash money and destroy your career.

That’s kind of the thing though. In our culture, we don’t exactly punish violent assholes. We punish the “crazy bitch.” We read stories about the assholes and leave nasty comments on Instagram but then we like, jam out out Chris Brown’s “Loyal” where he sings about all “hoes” being conniving manipulators after your gold chains. No one wants your money, no one wants your drug habit, no one wants to feel scared, and no one wants to put themselves out there for the public to tear about with their teeth (and tweets). Even if you have an island.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure that even if we had a video of celebrity-on-celebrity abuse we would support the woman. I’m not saying Depp’s guilty, but I know the general public is generally a bunch of tools . Especially when it comes to how we treat women (or anyone other than white, wealthy males for that matter).

I hope there’s some hard evidence for people speculating about Heard and Depp very soon, because the Heard-shaming is starting to get on my nerves.