These ‘Commitment Rings’ Guarantee That Your Partner Won’t Watch The Next Episode Without You

If there are trust issues between you and your partner, there are only so many apps you can download before enrolling in couples’ therapy. Certain infidelities are totally unforgivable, of course. Cheating is a no go. But, watching Bloodline before your person is caught up? Don’t do it! Thank god for these rings that prevent you from binge-watching any show without your partner, am I right?!?!

Thanks to the Italian ice cream company Cornetto, (yes, you read that correctly), you can purchase a set of Commitment Rings that prevent your partner from doing the unforgivable: watching the next episode without you. This is the latest product on the market that relies on your insecurity in your relationship for profit.

The truth of the matter is, it’s not that serious. Wait for your partner to watch the season finale if it means a lot to them. It’s not a big deal. Sure, there are spoilers all over the internet, but you could probably use a little break from the internet, no? Read a book! Climb a tree! Make eye contact! Go nuts!

Complex breaks down how it works.

“According to a video on a website created for the rings, the rings use Near Field Communication Technology to unlock a streaming app on users’ phones. The catch? Both rings have to be near the phones to unlock it. So if your SO isn’t next to you on the couch, you’ve got to just sit there and wonder what happens to Jessica in the next episode until they get home.”

Here’s the video below.

I honestly thought this was a sketch, but it’s apparently real? They’ve got a website set up and everything.

Although a fun idea, Complex is quick to point out the product’s obvious flaws.

“There still seem to be a few kinks to work out in this system. For example, you could conceivably watch a Netflix show without your SO if they’re sleeping in the same room as you with their ring on. Additionally, you could very easily use a service other than the one you and your SO usually use to watch a show without them. And we would also like to see the science behind Cornetto’s claim that the rings “prevent the most common reason why couples fight nowadays.” Is Netflix really destroying that many romances?”

This notion of “you better not watch without me” has been so overdone it’s entering the realm of cliché.

CREDIT: Someecards, Inc

This is a popular idea and joke, but this is simply not the case.

People would be mortified if they found out their partner was cheating on them. In fact, there is now a website to be sure. For $5, Swipe Buster you can pay to catch them in the act. If you’re that insecure in your relationship, I’d say it’s time to say “to the left, to the left.”