New York City’s Great Post-It War Ended With An Epic Mic Drop

New York City’s bustling Canal Street has been embroiled in a case of office savagery that will go down in the annals of history as “The Great Post-it Wars of 2016.” The battle saw a variety of media and creative agencies pitting themselves against each other to see who could create the best large-scale Post-it mural. Even though it started as a fun bit of office fluff to relieve some of the stress of fast-paced agency life, the #PostItWars quickly grew into something else entirely.

In an article published on Medium, Deborah Copaken, editorial director at PR and marketing giant Edelman (one of the companies that participated in the war), described how fun interactions actually led to workplace inspiration. She wrote:

“Working with everyone like that in a way that let us really play allowed us be our true creative selves. Adult life kills the play within us. We have to take time to not only get in touch with our inner child but to be our inner child. That’s where all imagination comes from. Where creativity comes from.”

The wars began civilly enough with a polite “Hi” from a sixth floor office on Varick Street. The greeting was directed at the neighboring Hudson Street building occupied by Havas Worldwide and several other companies, all employing lots of workers who like jotting down Post-it notes (I assume).

Messages from the other side #Hi #postitwars #canalnotes

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In an epic case of “You talking to me?” the media and creative agencies in the opposite building, which houses companies like Getty Images, Cake Group, Star, and Harrison all had responses ranging from “Sup,” to quotes from full-time sad boy and part-time 6 God, Drake.

Soon enough everyone was so over the formalities and ready to get down to the good stuff — that being a full on battle for sticky note supremacy.

Unicorns Abounded

 Pikachu Represented

 There Were Homages To Contemporary Art

Pop Culture Was Everywhere

Just when it seemed like things could get no better, Havas Worldwide came through with what prepubescent teenage boys who love wrestling (or porn?) would refer to as “the finisher.”

Boom! Mic drop.

The war certainly would have continued with a response from neighboring companies, but unfortunately the building manager put an end to the festivities and ordered all of the art be removed by the weekend.

Although it seems that Havas may have clenched the victory, there are really no winners here. Employees found a fun way to relieve some work tension, and the rest of the city got to watch a very creative competition progress. Here’s to hoping for some equally rewarding and amazing wars in 2017.