Two Florida Alligators Were Found Feasting On A Human Body, Leading The Police To A Potential Homocide

I assume most Floridians have made peace co-existing with their beady-eyed, aquatic, alligator counterparts — live and let live and all that — but that probably changes if said counterparts are caught eating human flesh. On Tuesday, things took a terrifying turn when authorities in Southwest Ranches, a town just southwest of Fort Lauderdale, were called to a scene straight out of American Horror Story: The Bayou Edition. Some brave fishermen, who are now assumedly scarred for life, spotted two gators eating a human corpse in a canal.

When authorities arrived, they quickly discovered the grisly sighting was no trick of the eye. “It did seem like the alligators did get at the remains,” Sgt. Pablo Castaneda, a police spokesperson representing the nearby town of Davie, shared with CNN’s Jeffrey Acevedo.

Upon arrival, Davie Police Department officials attempted to spook the gators to prepare the waters for a dive team to extract the body and search the area. Unfortunately, like New York City’s people-accustomed pigeons, the gators still lingered, leading officers to stand by with AR-15 rifles in case any of the animals approached. The department also called in a professional alligator trapper from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Center to assist in the event of any issues.

Details are still scarce, but the body was identified as male, and police acknowledged the cause of death remains a mystery. However, investigators said there is no reason to believe that the alligators were directly responsible for the death, as the body showed signs of having been in the canal for some time. As gruesome as it sounds, it’s far more likely the gators just stumbled upon a meal that didn’t require hunting.

Currently, the Davie Police Department is combing the canal for clues that could help identify the remains. In the meantime, the nature of the discovery invites speculation of foul play.

“Definitely we want to identify who the victim is and to possibly figure out what happened to them,” Castaneda told CNN. “How did they end up here? Could it be a homicide? Could it be a suicide? Could it be natural? … We don’t know.” Davie Police Captain Dale Engle went on to say that the department will treat the case as a homicide until further notice.

Between the cannibal gator and the potential murder, this is downright bone-chilling. It’s bad enough that the poor guy had to die, but to have your corpse ravaged by wild animals is just cruel.