A Staute Has Been Made Of Two Women Taking Selfies Because Art Is Nothing But An Imitation of Life

If you take a picture, it’ll last longer. If you make a statue of taking that picture, it’ll last even longer. Clearly, that was the thinking of Sandy Levin, a Sugar Land, Texas resident who gifted Town Square Plaza with 10 statues that depict activities commonly seen in and around the square. Among the gifts is a statue of two young women posing together for a selfie. This is pretty true to the times if you ask me, as “selfie culture” is the current culture.

Are seflies art?  That I’m not so sure about, but this statue definitely is. It’s reflective of its time and I personally appreciate art that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. This piece is very funny. People will certainly be taking selfies with the two bronze women, but let’s be real, people were going to take a selfie with the statue, whatever it was.

Here’s an excerpt from the installation’s press release:

“The inclusion of sculpture in the Town Square plaza aligns with the continued vision of the City and the Legacy Foundation’s commitment to establish cultural arts amenities that “provide and/or support activities and facilities that enrich the artistic, cultural, educational, and historical character of Sugar Land.”

So, they’re just being honest. This is what happens in that Square on an everyday basis. I for one find this to be reflective commentary, and therefore am thrilled that is exists. Some local residents aren’t as jazzed.

She’s got a point, but this artist’s intent is to “reflect the cultural character of Sugar Land.” This is the way things are, right now, at this point in history. Girl, your Twitter profile pic is a clearly a selfie!

Here’s what the statue looks like.

Beautiful isn’t it?

I do have my qualms with this, only because the other statue that was added to the park was of a man strumming his guitar. This smells a little sexist to me. This man is working on his craft, while these women are posting selfies.

Some think that selfie-taking is actually a power move for women. Others feel it’s yet another vehicle to be obsessed with our looks. Here, the Atlantic addresses both points in their piece “Selfies Are Art.”

“On Slate, Rachel Simmons took the standard third-wave-feminism, girl-culture-is-good line. She argues that selfies are an example of young women promoting themselves and taking control of their own self-presentation: Think of each one, she says, as “a tiny pulse of girl pride—a shout-out to the self.” In response, Erin Gloria Ryan on Jezebel opted for an old-school, second-wave-feminism, culture-is-oppressive argument. Selfies teach girls to obsess over their appearance and judge themselves on the basis of beauty rather than accomplishments, she says: “They’re a reflection of the warped way we teach girls to see themselves as decorative.”

Whichever way you feel towards the act of selfie-ing, you can’t deny its popularity. I’m glad this statue exists and I’m glad there was no selfie stick involved. Although that can be an effective element of art as well.

CREDIT: Will McPhail

I predict that sefies are going to be infiltrating visual art more and more as it becomes our norm.




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