Katy Perry’s Twitter Was Hacked But The Hackers Were Pretty Uninspired, If You Ask Me

A gentle suggestion to everyone out there: If you’re going to hack somebody’s Twitter account, please be good at Twitter. Katy Perry’s Twitter was hacked recently, and the culprit was in no way tactful or smooth about it. If you have the attention of all of Perry’s 89+ million followers, make a powerful statement or a funny joke or something! Instead, this hacker sent a derogatory message to a DJ, made an indiscernible shout-out, and Tweeted messages to Taylor Swift, perhaps hoping to revive the “rivalry” between Swift and Perry.

I put “rivalry” in quotations, because who really knows if that’s true or not. It’s rumored that Swift’s “Bad Blood” was written about Perry in the height of their feud. It all just seemed like a clever publicity stunt if you ask me. They’ve both dated John Mayer, which is funny to me, apparently no woman is immune to his “Your Body Is A Wonderland” charm, but I think we can all agree that Mayer isn’t a dude worth fighting over.

So, here’s some of the hacker’s work via Perry’s Twitter account:


This guy’s a troll of epic proportions.

“shoutout I and r breh”

WTF does that mean??

You would think that if you took the time it takes to hack a verified account, which can’t be an easy task, that you would have some material prepared.

And was this hacker obvious enough to plug his personal Twitter? Is @sw4ylol the culprit? I just can’t believe that someone smart enough to hack an account would be so obvious.

They Tweeted this directly from the suspected account:

Here we have a potential motive for the hacking.

So they’re bitter that they can’t directly use Katy Perry’s music and claim it as their own?

The whole account is very strange and cryptic. The first Tweet was Tweeted only a few days ago, on May 28th.

“Hello Twitter! #myfirstTweet

Since hacking Perry’s account, crazed fans have asked that the hacker leak and release some of their favorite artists’ nudes and upcoming tracks.

Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 11.10.11 AM

Very classy, Twitter.

“Fans” do more harm than good when it comes to sharing and leaking content on social media. I put “fans” in quotes because they rarely truly care about the artist and their intent.

I was at a comedy show and Chris Rock dropped in to do a set. He was working on his SNL monologue and therefore couldn’t risk a video being leaked. A man continued to film from his phone after Rock had asked him to put the phone down.

Chris Rock left before he got to his first punchline. Just walked out.

That one guy’s selfish, stupid act of wanting a video robbed everyone else there of the experience. All for what? So that his YouTube account would get hits? So he could have a tweet go viral off of someone else’s talent?

As much as I love Twitter, I really hate it sometimes. Such is the case with the internet in general. I’m curious what the punishment will be once this hacker is identified.

In the meantime, #hackersgonnahack I suppose.