A Village Of Heartless Bastards In Switzerland Paid Nearly $300,000 To Not Take Refugees

If the news teaches us anything about super rich assholes, it’s that they’re everywhere. In an extreme demonstration of rich assholery, the village of Oberwil-Lieli, Switzerland opted to pay more than $290,000 rather than sheltering 10 refugees.

Why were the refugees directed toward the village of Assholestadt in the first place? It was part of Switzerland’s response to the refugee crisis, with a plan to take in 50,000 refugees and distribute their settlement around the country. Communities that refuse to comply have to pay a fine. Not the hardest game of Geopolitical Would You Rather: pay shitloads of money or extend basic humanity to a handful of people?

Oberwil-Lieli went for the first option. Hey, it was either that or have their village “spoiled” (an actual quote from a resident), because nothing brings down the equity on your third mansion like the knowledge that someone in need might walk by. The same resident also said that refugees “would not fit in here,” which is not-so-secret code for “because we’re huge racists.” Throw in some weird reference to “purity” and you’re on your way to winning Rich White Racism Bingo. (Also on that bingo card: “They should learn the language before they come here,” like they have time to think, “I want to get out of here so my kids don’t get killed by drones before they’re old enough to walk, but first I’m going to take some conversational Swiss German classes.”)

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If your first response to the above is “but they’re different though,” you might be a psychopath. Or you might live in Oberwil-Lieli.

Defenders of the village’s decision (i.e., the people you find commenting on every article about refugees) may point out that Oberwil-Lieli is pretty small. It’s true only 2,200 people live there, but 300 of those people are millionaires. If you have room for 300 millionaires, each of whom presumably owns multiple giant properties, you have room for 10 people with almost no possessions. And if you have 300 millionaires, you have a LOT of money that could go towards helping refugees whose only option is to run to the other side of the world.

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Of course, we should be aware that what’s happening in the village is just part of a larger phenomenon. The Swiss government has reportedly been seizing assets from refugees, supposedly to cover their costs of living. They also floated a proposal to deport foreigners who committed two major or minor crimes within a 10-year period. Thankfully, the proposal was voted down a few months ago, but it should never have gotten that far in the first place.

What kind of fake humanitarian posturing is that, anyway? “We love refugees! We’ll take all your shit, and we’re looking for the smallest excuse to ship you back to the conflict zone you ran away from, even though it must be horrible since you’ve risked your life to come to a country that clearly doesn’t want you — but we have chocolate! And skiing! We’re so liberal!”

I’ll give Oberwil-Lieli credit for this: at least it’s honest about its hate.