Who Is Kylie Jenner’s New Boyfriend? PartyNextDoor Is His Name, Because I Guess That’s A Name

One of the many questions floating in the current ether of pop culture gossip is who is Kylie Jenner’s new boyfriend, and why exactly does he seem so good for her? According to reports a little over a week ago, the 18-year-old member of Kardashian pop-royalty just started dating a 22-year-old rapper known as PartyNextDoor (just let it go).

Rumors of the new coupling were spread after the two of them were spotted eating dinner at the TCL Chinese Theater in LA, just days after PartyNextDoor (his real name is Jahron Anthony Brathwaite) posted pictures of the two of them on Instagram.

Naturally, because Tyga and Kylie split just a couple weeks ago, Tyga didn’t take so kindly to the couple’s affectionate social media posts. After seeing an image of Kylie and PND wearing elaborate watches captioned “Diamond Battles with @KylieJenner” Tyga quickly posted his own Instagram post captioned “Diamond Battles” which caused PartyNextDoor to delete Kylie from his social media posts, ostensibly as a move of protection? I don’t know the rules these kids are playing by, but I guess that’s what was happening.

Needless to say, in the few short weeks they’ve been linked together, the new couple has already been making waves on social media. Whether it’s speculation on the fact they found each other so quickly after the break with Tyga, or the spies who caught them out on a bowling date, people have been watching Kylie’s new fling closely.


As you can see, their diamond battles are as nauseatingly lavish as you’d expect.

However, if we’re going to judge battle winners solely on diamond content, Tyga definitely wins this round.

Diamond battles

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In a playful move that probably served as a make-up for the fact that PartyNextDoor deleted posts featuring Kylie, yesterday PartyNextDoor released a few Snapchats of him serenading Kylie with a short piano dedication over which he sings, “Kylie, Oh Kylie.”

This was probably the easiest PartyNextDoor song to memorize the lyrics to, although you never know if he’ll expand it into something that more elaborately details their blooming (and very public) puppy love. As is characteristic of most young boyfriends, PND also showed his premonition for teasing and slightly annoying Jenner in this next Snapchat where he takes a video without her permission.

Kylie in PARTYNEXTDOOR's snapchat (partyomo)

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From an outsider’s perspective, it looks as if these two famous babies are having as much fun gazing into each other’s eyes as they are receiving the glowing notifications that stream in to support their new relationship. Will this honeymoon phase last a while? Eh, probably not because it never does, but good for them anyway. Enjoy the salad days, kiddos.