Here’s Prince William Doing Yoga In White Jeans, Which Is The New Official Sign That Summer’s Here

I’m all about that yoga life, but seeing Prince William do yoga in white jeans brings me back to all the times I was more worried about the guy behind me in a yoga class than my form. Here’s a little secret about yoga: someone is always watching. Prince William was gearing up for the Audi Polo Challenge this weekend and dropped to all fours in his gear (it is Memorial Day weekend, so white jeans are totally allowed) to stretch it out before doing whatever it is that polo entails.

I’m not entirely sure I know, but I feel like William was obviously living his best life. What’s the point of being a prince if you can’t kick off your shoes and pull off a solid plank to warm up for the day’s events? The, according to People, “dignified” game is a tradition that lots of pro-polo players (is this really a sport?) attend along with celebs. During the match, Prince William put his shoes back on and joined his brother, Prince Harry, in raising money for charity with their mallets. In fact, they’re so into these matches that since 2007, the family has raised about $14 million just playing polo. “I know it doesn’t look great, riding round playing polo,” Harry told the Sunday Times. “But it is the best form of raising that much money for so many charities,” he said.

Er, what? It doesn’t look great? No, it doesn’t — it looks fucking awesome. The guys spent the morning riding horses with celebs like Tom Hardy and Ellie Goulding. Goulding even performed after the event. This is what British daydreams are made of.

There was tea before the match, which obviously was Prince William’s inspiration to strike a few poses. What I love about Prince William wanting to stretch before the match — and not just stretch, but really get into his flow — is that these charity events are obviously no joke to him. If you do yoga in whatever clothes you happen to be wearing after having some tea and tiny little sammies with the crowd, that means you actually give a shit about what you’re doing.

Because doing yoga in denim is not easy. Shit, it’s not even easy in overpriced spandex cotton blends. But Prince William and Kate Middleton are obviously making time to get down with their practice, because his form is pretty much the same as my hot yoga instructor’s. And even if I go a few times (OK, maybe not that much) a week, I still wouldn’t be sure I could handle child’s pose without a demonstration in front of me.

Keep doing you, William.