U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Will Strike If They Don’t Get As Much Money As The (Far Shittier) Men’s Team

It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so shitty, that men can be demonstrably worse at their jobs and still get paid more than women. Just look at soccer. The U.S. Women’s Soccer team is threatening to strike if a wage discrimination suit they’ve brought to the U.S. Soccer Federation doesn’t result in them finally getting the money they deserve. They’re World Cup winners and, according to USSF financial records from the last year, they’re getting paid a quarter of what the men’s national team players make. And we all know how shitty the American men’s team is (sorry, guys).

Yesterday, a resolution passed unanimously in the Senate that the pay discrepancies will be investigated. But if, for some weird reason, the USSF finds a way to justify the fact that men (who, again, are not even good) make three times more than the women (who are, to repeat, very, very good), the women’s team plans on striking.

The team and their lawyers spent yesterday trying to prove to a judge that they can actually go on strike. Apparently, some “gentleman’s agreement” was made once upon a time that would prevent a protest, but lawyers for the women say that the agreement was never in writing and they’ll do whatever the hell they want until they get paid fairly. As they damn well should.

The 2016 Olympics in Brazil begin in early August and if there’s no chance at equal pay, the women aren’t showing up. How embarrassing, if on a world stage, the 2015 Women’s World Cup winners wouldn’t be competing because we don’t pay them the same kind of cash money we pay men. It’s pretty shameful and we already have Donald Trump to explain to the rest of the world.

Because it’s an Olympic year, this is a very well-timed, badass move. The USSF should do the right thing because well, it’s the right thing to do, but sometimes corporations — which is essentially what the federation is — need a little tar and feathering to be convinced.

Wage discrimination is unacceptable, but you can maybe (maybe if you squint your eyes and try very, very hard to process information in your puny female brain) see how, say, a Hollywood star or C-suite exec’s worth can be somehow deliberated and justified in a board room. It’s gross, but value is a weird thing to monetize. You can see how they get away with it.

What’s so e-freaking-gregious about the fact that the U.S. women’s team gets paid a quarter (a quarter!) of what the men’s team does is that these particular women are not merely equal to their male counterparts. They are actually better at playing soccer. There’s no wiggle room here. The men’s team didn’t even qualify for the Olympics this summer. They never qualify for anything because they suck. Like, big time. The women’s team also pulls in about $20 million more in revenue a year in tickets and swag and all that other stuff that comes with sports. You can fudge those numbers.

This is non-negotiable. It would totally suck for the team to have give up a chance to travel to Brazil and compete in the Olympics. I mean, I’m no athlete (lololololol for eternity), but that seems like a pretty big fucking deal. But if they do end up striking, in the worst case scenario, they’d really be taking one for the overall team.

As much as I’d like to see them play, they shouldn’t back down from getting what’s theirs and if any group of women is hardcore enough to stick this fight out, it’s definitely this one.