This Chinese Laundry Detergent Commercial Is Basically The Most Racist Shit Ever

Around the world, there are no shortage of language and cultural barriers that make understanding another country’s media difficult if not impossible. But it would appear there’s a couple things capable of transcending cultural barriers — namely racially-charged beauty standards and perceptions about skin color. Case in point: the very, very racist TV ad for Chinese detergent brand called Qiaobi, currently playing both on Chinese TV and in theaters across China, Buzzfeed reports.

The ad begins with a Chinese woman doing laundry, only to be interrupted by a Black man with stains on his face and shirt, watching and wolf-whistling at her. In itself this was problematic for a number of reasons, perpetuating stereotypes that portraying Black men as sexually aggressive, but believe it or not, the commercial manages to get even more racist as it progresses. Their wrong-sided asses are, in fact, just getting started with this shit-show.

The woman doing her laundry turns around, gives him the ol’ come hither, but then proceeds to force-feed him a laundry detergent capsule and shove him into the laundry machine. And, wait for it… he comes out as a white-skinned Chinese man. Dear. God. As Buzzfeed points out, the message here is that because of the magic, totally-not-racist forces of the laundry detergent capsule, one wash and he’s no longer dark-skinned and “dirty,” but “so “clean.” So “white.” The perfect ambassador for the magic of the detergent.”

See the outrageous commercial for yourself:

China might have a reputation for hostility and even outright bewilderment toward Black people, but the racism of the ad wasn’t lost on viewers who took to the Chinese website Weibo. One user called it “so shameful” and “racist.” Another rightfully wrote: “If this were in North America, [Qiaobi] would be sued for racism.”

This is North America, and here I am writing about how racist and terrible this ad is and am hopefully/probably not alone in my views, so, yeah, the Weibo user’s hypothetical is probably right.