The Brant Brothers Are Releasing A Make-Up Line For Men (And Everyone Else) With MAC

The artistry involved in properly lacquering your face into a smooth and flawless photo-ready version of yourself transcends our limited scope of gender, which why it’s perfect that the Brant Brothers are launching a unisex makeup line with MAC.

Having grown up the sons of philanthropist Peter Brant and actress and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, the brothers’ childhood was supplied with access to an endless supply of high-quality cosmetics. From an early age, both the boys showed an interest in mastering and exploring the art of makeup. With the influence of close family friends such as famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, they quickly reached fluidity in both their makeup application and gender expression.

In an interview with Pop Sugar, the brothers shared that their intention with the line is to help normalize the idea of men wearing makeup (and really, people of all genders). While the brothers were supported and encouraged by their mom when it came to their budding interest in cosmetics, even they had initial culturally influenced qualms with the idea of being boys in makeup.

“Truthfully, when Peter started to wear makeup, I thought it was weird — that’s just what society had told me,” Harry said, before revealing that he quickly became the go-to makeup artist of the two once he got over his initial reservations.

When asked about the significance of releasing a unisex makeup line, Harry went on to remind interviewers that men in makeup has been around forever:

“Men’s makeup has always been there, but it’s always existed in the shadows. Male movie stars, a guy on a runway, even a delegate doing a national debate — they all wear makeup. But we see it move in and out of fashion.”

The fact that it’s still rare to hear about a makeup line that’s explicitly marketed as gender-fluid (obviously all cosmetics are technically genderless, as is pretty much every other thing on earth) proves that there is still rampant stigma rooted in homophobia and binary-based gender identities that bar men from exploring cosmetics. Hopefully this line will open a window to people who might have otherwise felt alienated from the world of makeup. In the least, they’re providing the rest of us makeup junkies with even more tempting options.

Their MAC collaboration is a comprehensive line that includes contouring brushes, concealers, lip stains, kohl pencils, neutral shadows and more. It’s already available for purchase online and will be hitting stores June 2nd.