‘Jeopardy’ Champion Buzzy Cohen Is Making Everyone Want To Sext Him, Punch Him, Or Both

Much like “good porn,” a punchable face is hard to define. You just know one when you see one. Recently, there has been some debate on Twitter about whether we should collectively punch Buzzy Cohen, a recent Jeopardy champion. You can see why people would want to punch him. Every time he gets something right, he dusts his shoulders off. He’s been not betting in final Jeopardy and basically trolling host Alex Trebek, like in that Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell. Depending on your patience, sometimes even that SNL Jeopardy sketch goes on for too long. If Will Ferrell can barely pull it off, I don’t know what Buzzy Cohen thinks he’s bringing to the table.

Also his name is Buzzy. There are a lot of reasons I would line up to punch this kid, but maybe I’m humorless.

Some people think he’s charming. In a recent interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut, he says that he’s even getting sexts from some viewers. “There are some really interesting, very forward people that have messaged me things you can’t print on your website. I just ignore them.” Apparently his wife thinks it’s hysterical, too. “Whenever people are like, ‘Oh, Buzzy’s so hot and smart and funny,’ she’s like, ‘ Yeah, I know. I agree with you.”

I don’t know who thinks this schtick is charming, besides your mom who would like you to marry some tool like Buzzy. But apparently this kid has sex appeal. I do not understand it.

I guess if a corny Jewish guy who might make a lot of money on a gameshow is what gets you off, that’s what gets you off. Also, I was all about making fun of Buzzy until I learned he’s also someone’s dad. Which makes so much sense. Only a dad would think those glasses are cool or that trolling Trebek more than once was funny (once is amusing, two is just embarrassing). And who but a dad would actually dust his shoulders off? It makes so much sense when you think of it like that. But I’m just trying to find an upside to his tool-factor, because on some level, the poor guy is just trying to win some cash money. Let’s let him live.

In reality, in interviews, he seems like he’s just misunderstood because of his face, which is a terrible thing. You can’t blame a guy for trying to liven up Jeopardy, but he’s going to run out of sympathy very soon if he doesn’t take it down a notch or two.