Amber Heard Files Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp Amid Accusations Of Domestic Abuse

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed reading celebrity news. It looks like Amber Heard is accusing Johnny Depp of domestic abuse and that’s supposedly why they are calling their 15-month marriage quits. A week after filing for divorce, Heard has also filed a restraining order against Depp and has included a photo of a bruise around her eye. A source told People that this was “not an isolated incident.” Now those “irreconcilable differences” they claimed in their divorce filings are starting to make more sense. It was one thing to sort of snark about their short romance breaking up so soon, but this is so disheartening.

Because fucking Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp. Sure, he can be a weirdo. He hangs out with Tim Burton a lot. He’s into pirate cosplay. But he’s been the love of my dream life ever since he was Edward Scissorhands and I found out that he owns an island. To find out he’s a violence piece of shit would be…disappointing, to say the least.

Ugh, I need to take a shower. A rep for Depp said that he’s not going to go into details about the breakup. “Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life.” They added that “hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.”

What’s so gross about his statement is that, just as part of the peanut gallery, he seemed to know a restraining order was coming and was hoping to get ahead of the “salacious” rumors. I don’t care if your mother or your dog died, dude. I’m all about innocent until proven guilty in a court other than TMZ, but as a former victim of domestic abuse (and beyond that, a woman; beyond that, a human who will never be here for saying a victim is lying), this stinks all around.

There’s nothing to be gained from that, especially as the 30-year old wife of Johnny freaking Depp, except some public shame and hate for standing up for yourself. Already the assholes are out on Twitter claiming that it can’t be true that Depp (ugh, seriously, this is pitiful) would find a way to hit his gorgeous, awesome wife. I mean, Johnny Depp is basically synonymous with “attractive male” (at least in the good old days; he looks very much like an old leather hat lately), which — in the court of shitty social media opinion — means he can’t be at fault.

Alas, it happens all the fucking time. No one starts dating someone who is obviously going to hit them — it sneaks up on you, like depression or a bro at a sports bar.

Who knows, man. Maybe that twisty, crazy thing Depp so often does in public or to “get into a role” is just him being fucking twisted and out of control when it comes to handling his rage. Allegedlydon’tsueme. Who knows what goes in celebrities’ homes. Maybe it’s not true, maybe things are just getting uber-crazy over there, and this is all just some weird method acting shit. I’m admittedly grasping here. This is pretty clearly just a case of a dude hitting his wife, and it sucks, and I’m glad she’s getting out and protecting herself. Hopefully we can wrap her in a bit Internet hug of support, if we feel inclined to say anything at all.

It doesn’t look like it. Instead of making Heard the “crazy” one, Depp should get a pair and respond directly to the allegations. He probably can’t make things right, but he could make them better.