#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend Is A Thing Now, Because Hey, If Elsa Gets A Girlfriend…

Twitter hashtags have overnight become the most effective harbingers of social change. From shouting your abortion from the rooftops loud enough to shatter the hearing aids of lawmakers who still think a hashtag is a pound key on a rotary phone, to standing in solidarity with Ahmed, a victim of racial profiling who actually kind of embodies the American Dream, and coming clean with a sexually transmitted infection diagnosis to shatter its stereotypes, we’re making decent progress in lessening our collective douchery. Today, we have yet another a forum with which to punctuate our progressive beliefs with the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.

You see, my lack of intimate familiarity — or yours maybe, for that matter — with the Marvel tale does not undermine my authority on the subject. The characters in question, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, who represent all things ‘MURRICA and FREEDOM and LIBERTY, stand for a trope larger (buffer, tauter, okay I’m done now) than themselves. Young boys admire them. Young boys want to be like them. So if we made these two characters love each other: What will happen? A slew of people took to Twitter today to weigh in:

The matchmaking ploy comes on the heels of a Twitter campaign to get Frozen’s Elsa a girlfriend in the sequel. Voice actress Idina Menzel supports whatever Disney decides to do next, but Twitter couldn’t LET GO of the idea of an on-screen make-believe-but-totally-wish-was-real gay romance. And for good reason.

Think back to your childhood bedtime reading sessions involving a rainbow of relationship dynamics. You had the princess kiss the frog. The princess kiss the beast. But somehow, a prince(ss)-on-prince(ss) love action didn’t make the cut during the copy editing phase of the workshop. Why? The world is run by assholes. And we’re crossing swords (heyo) the pop culture industry takes note.

If children’s books and films and consumable media were more tolerant, we’d — and I’m no math expert! — raise our next generation full of kids who don’t beat the living shit out of each other in the playground for wearing pink instead of blue or reading fashion magazines instead of playing football or not doing whatever pervasive heteronormative dogma plagues The Youth next. How you identify sexually doesn’t matter. Chris Evans is a universal bae and that’s my final answer.

I’m so happy hashtags are a vehicle driving the bigger points home. I’m not the hugest comic book fan, but I might just take them up if they begin to collectively move towards a plot where #LoveWins.