11 States Are Suing Obama Over His Transgender Bathroom Policy, & We Bet You Can Guess Them All

This is one for the “only in America” folder. After his sending a message to school districts nationwide saying that they have to let students use whatever bathroom corresponded with their gender identity or risk losing their federal funding, 11 states are suing the Obama administration in response. This whole transgender bathroom issue is really starting to get out of hand (meaning, in case I need to clarify, it’s fucking out of hand that schools are even fighting against kids who just want to pee).

The states of Texas, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Utah, Maine, Oklahoma, and two school districts (one in Arizona and one in Texas) are all listed on the lawsuit. It’s mutiny at this point. The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced the litigation on Twitter on Wednesday, but they’ve been planning this since Obama’s directive went down earlier this month. Abbott tweeted a few weeks ago that Obama “is not a King,” which is true! Gotta give him that much. Obama, indeed, is not a king. Buuuut he can withhold cash under Title IX for now. That’s definitely a thing he can do, king or not.

In the suit, the plaintiffs claim that the directive “conspired to turn workplaces and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment.” They added that the order “flouts” the democratic process and runs “roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.”

You would think that allowing transgender individuals to use the bathroom that suits them is more “common sense” than eleven states bringing suit against a non-king. But nothing that Republicans do really makes sense. Although, Gov. Abbott does seem to believe in individuality:

If only people could practice what they preached every now and again.

In fact, it’s funny that the states feel that letting transgender individuals use the correct bathroom is some “massive social experiment.” That’s what assholes used to say when they talked about repealing Jim Crow laws. At least this time around, Conservatives aren’t wrapping up their defense of bathroom bills that discriminate against transgender people in religion. It’s just flat out ignorance and bigotry this time. That’s hardly progress.

Spread the word, people. Ring the goddamn alarms! Allowing transgender citizens is not akin to letting sexual predators into bathrooms to assault our dear, precious daughters (cisgender daughters, obvs) as many Republican politicians, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (I shudder at the memory of his presidential bid) would have you believe.

Their sheer ignorance is frightening — it’s almost like they can’t technically be discriminating, because they don’t even believe that gender identity is a thing. They don’t believe in “being transgender.” It’s like people who rant about global warming being fake because it still gets cold in winter. That’s not how it works.

The Obama administration and Attorney General Loretta Lynch did a very important, progressive thing by reminding states that they could lose money is they discriminate against their students. Let’s hope this batch of bad apple states doesn’t mess it all up.