Here’s A Video Of Blake Shelton Eating Sushi For The First Time And Acting Foolish About It

Blake Shelton is almost a caricature of himself in this video. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon did what he does best, and created a viral video hit with one of his celebrity buds. In this edition, Fallon got Blake Shelton to try sushi for the first time  and the results are exactly what you might imagine. He plays up his country boy persona and has a ridiculous response to each and every course brought out to him.

Shelton has probably been popping up on your feed quite a bit between performing with his new lady Gwen Stefani at the Billboard Music Awards, and having just released his tenth studio album, If I’m Honest, on May 20.

The new couple seem to be so happy together that it’s borderline gross. When Shelton was on Ellen, he confessed that they couldn’t help but giggle while performing a duet about heartbreak on The Voice.

“We kinda did laugh a few times. There was moments where it was like, ‘We’re singing this song like we’re gonna break up and we’re not breaking up right now, you know, this just seems kinda weird.'”

Sure, Shelton’s a goofy guy, but I’m sure he’s a real nice dude for Stefani to date post-divorce. I’m sure he “makes her laugh” and all that.

He’s a simple, country man and this is especially evident in this Tonight Show segment where he takes Shelton to the NYC Japanese restaurant Nobu for his “first” time eating sushi. I find it hard to believe that as a celebrity, or even just as a man who’s almost 40, he’s never tried sushi, but I’ll go along with it for the sake of this publicity stunt.

My favorite moments of this video include:

  • When he claims that sake tastes like “Easter egg coloring.”

Um, how many times have you drank Easter egg coloring Blake?

  • When he admits to Fallon “man to man” that he actually liked some of the sushi.

Yeah, like he isn’t aware of all the cameras and crew members and folks at home watching. “Man to man?” C’mon. This is one of those ploys to convince us that what we are watching is an intimate experience between two people, when that’s simply not the case.

  • When he flat out says “no” after taking a bite.

I actually found this to be charming. I’m not a big sushi or seafood person so I can relate.

“If I’m honest,” I would be so annoyed by these two grown men acting like over-the-top goofs if I was the server. They better have left her a very generous tip.