Bill Cosby Had Sex With Teenage Girls, And Other Nauseating Tales From His Court Deposition

A just-released deposition from Bill Cosby’s case with Andrea Constand, who accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2004, has revealed that Bill Cosby had sex with two teenage girls aged 17 and 19 early in his career.

He admitted to giving drugs to a 19-year-old model in 1976 in Las Vegas, stating, “She became in those days what was called high […] I gave her Quaaludes. We then have sex.” When the prosecution asked him whether she was able to consent to sex in that state, he said, “I don’t know.” TMZ claims that Cosby then paid her off through her agency so that his wife wouldn’t find out.

The prosecution also asked him whether he had served alcohol to a 17-year-old model and massaged her “suggestively” after inviting her to his house. Cosby said that he hadn’t served her any drinks, but didn’t refute inviting her over or the “suggestive” physical contact. Here’s the shitty icing on the shit cake: according to the prosecution, the incident occurred “sometime after [Cosby] met her parents.” How on earth does that conversation go? “You have a lovely child. Can I, an adult man, try and penetrate her later this week?”

Bill Cosby protest
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Was the 19-year-old model really paid off? In a way, who cares, except as it relates to Cosby as an alleged sexual predator? Bear in mind this is the same man who allegedly told Andrea Constand to “tell your mother you had an orgasm” so their encounter would be perceived as consensual (and oh God, I feel nauseated just typing that).

Whether or not she took money after the incident is no reflection on her character. Look at how people responded to the existing allegations, trying to portray him as the real victim and dismissing what it must have taken for his accusers to come forward. Look at how long all these women tried to bring charges against Cosby for sexually assaulting them, and ask why these only came to light last year.

Part of the answer to that one may lie in another stomach-turning part of the deposition, where Cosby testified that in 2000, the William Morris modeling agency flew teenage models to his TV studio every week, and that his aim was to give these girls “a very, very good meal.”

What’s the approved journalistic term for EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW?

If TMZ is correct in reporting that the 19-year-old model’s agency was William Morris, and that Cosby paid her off through them, then it’s not a far reach to guess that they possible knew what he was like. I mean, they allegedly still flew teenagers to him every week, because he was famous and rich… I’m having a hard time seeing anyone thought the water was clean in that situation.

If the William Morris Agency didn’t know, their actions still point to a larger social problem of objectifying girls as young as possible; where the purpose of girls and women is to provide sexual gratification for and be controlled by men. Cosby’s sickening turn of phrase about giving young female models “a good meal” paints him as their superior and thus entitled to control them, since they should be grateful to him for being so generous. This shit could spiral in so many disgusting directions. It’s not easy to find single human beings you can point to and say, “You are nearly everything that’s wrong with the world,” but goddamn is Cosby isn’t running a hell of a race for that honor.

These women deserve justice. Let’s hope the law gives it to them.