The First Trailer For The Live-Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is Finally Here In All Its Glory

For everyone who’s always imagined Emma Watson as the human woman example of what a modern Disney princess might look and act like, your imagination can now be fully realized through the new Beauty and the Beast trailer. Well, teaser trailer but whatever, we’ll take it.

The trailer itself sticks to a vague compilation of shots hinting at what the interior of the castle looks like, panning over ornate tapestries while a score of piano plays in the background. You see the banister on the staircase, the throng of candles surrounding the library, and a close-up shot of a painted portrait of the Beast (as a young blonde child), before you’re serenaded by the voice-overs of Ian Mckellen (as Cogsworth; I cannot) and Ewan Mcgregor (as Lumiere; I cannot even) as they whisper about who the girl is. Naturally, the trailer ends on an equally vague-yet-poignant shot of Emma Watson peering at the forbidden rose.

There isn’t much about the film itself that’s revealed through this trailer, but that’s unnecessary given how well-known the plot of Beauty and the Beast is. Our curiosity at this point lies far more with how elaborate the castle is, the incredible cast (which boasts a handful of A-list actors), and the overall mood of this adaptation. The trailer does an effective job satiating our appetite with Ian Mckellen’s voice, Emma Watson as Belle, and grazing shots of the elaborate set, while still leaving it largely to the imagination. And really, what else would we expect from Bill Condon, the director of Twilight?

I would be lying if I denied the fact that this trailer needed very little in order to pique my interest, and so even with the teaser visuals it provides, it manages to go above and beyond.

Not literally me, but you get the idea.

Even if the idea of a live-action Beauty and the Beast isn’t your anthropomorphized cup of tea, the stacked cast on its own is enough to convince viewers to give it a watch. The lovable castle crew boast big names such as Emma Thompson voicing for Mrs. Potts, Luke Evans as Gaston, and appearances by Stanley Tucci, Kevin Kline, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

It is nice, Pam. It is.

The only issue facing those interested in this live reboot is the long wait for it’s release, which isn’t until May 17, 2017. Boo. I have my suspicions that this trailer is just one of many that will be released over the next year to taunt viewers and generate interest, and I mean, hey, it’s working.