That’s So Leo: Leonardo DiCaprio Took A Private Jet To Accept An Environmental Award

Celebrities should always know that they’re under the watchful eye of fans and paparazzi, which is why it’s so surprising that Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet to accept an environmental award this week. He had to have known that he was going to catch some shit for so blatantly not giving any fucks that he was being exactly what people assume so many celebs are — selfish, hypocritical, and wealthy enough to have a private jet.

Like most of Hollywood’s elite, Leo was in France for the Cannes film festival last week. According to The New York Post, he was doing it up at a club on Monday night there (because he’s Leonardo DiCaprio and if he doesn’t do it up in clubs at Cannes every year, his batteries drain and he will literally die). Then he miraculously showed up in New York City on Wednesday to accept an award at the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball at Chelsea Piers, where he was honored by Robert deNiro for his dedication to clean water and gave a speech. Then, a day later, he was back in France at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala to speak to the crowd. He also auctioned off a stay at his house in Palm Springs for $336,000 for the cause.

But that’s just not enough for some people. Naysayers are aghast that the star would increase his carbon footprint by flying to and from continents like it was no big deal to accept an award for protecting the environment. Because, as The Revenent star made a point to say in his long-awaited Oscar speech, “climate change is real.

But really? Imagine how tough it has to be to be so in-demand and Leonardo DiCaprio, all at the same time, singlehandedly saving the climate. What was he supposed to do — ditch one of the events because of the ozone layer?

Well, maybe. He probably should have done that. But money talks. Or maybe in Leo’s case, “excessive ego-stroking in the form of pretty ladies in nightclubs and awards for being king of the world” talk.

According to a representative for the actor who spoke to Us Weekly, Leo has donated millions to both causes and felt badly that both events were scheduled so closely together. He had speaking duties at both. And for DiCaprio, the environment is a big deal.

According to the NY Post, which made this news its cover story this weekend, DiCaprio’s foundation has pledged $15 million to environmental causes at this year’s World Economic Forum. He also owns a fancy, LEED certified, environmental friendly home in New York City. Leo cares about the environment. He just also cared about making it back to Cannes in time to get down with his “pussy posse,” as we so politically correctly call his harem these days.

Much like most humans, it’s very probable that the climate change crusader and all-around heartthrob assumes that he’s doing (has already done?) enough already for the environment already. How much have you donated to environmental causes in the past year? Do you even stop to listen to the Greenpeace kids on the street corner when they ask you to sign a petition? No, you don’t. Don’t even try to pretend that you do.

Leo took a private jet because he has a private jet. Let the man live a little.