Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Have A Drink Together In ‘SNL’ Season Closer

It looks like even Saturday Night Live is calling the Democratic primary. During last night’s SNL cold open, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders shared a beer, and Larry David as the Vermont senator got a proper send off. Kate McKinnon reprised her epic impression of Hillary as she and David went back and forth about the primary and their quirks. Clinton orders a beer “that no one likes but gets the job done,” while Sanders slugs “something revolutionary.” But it’s not just the one-liners that make the sketch so perfect. Both of their impressions, and the writing of course, really dig into what’s wrong with both of the candidates and the primary process in general.

You could be a hardcore Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter and still find the sketch hysterical. Like all great lol-worthy jokes — they’re funny because they’re true! Larry David as the disgruntled, cheap, old man is one thing. (And I’m pretty convinced that that’s exactly how Bernie is in real life, and I still would like to hang out with him.) But McKinnon’s Hillary is not flattering at all. She’s cunning, self-centered, and foaming at the mouth for the presidency. She basically lures Sanders in for a beer, waltzes with him, and just when you think she might be human, flings the guy into an elevator, to the beat, like in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. It’s wonderful.

That was the overall punchline of the sketch, although the bits about where Sanders could have taken her down with her email scandal were pretty solid. It’s basically hardcore proof that the former Secretary of State seems to have already nabbed the Democratic nomination, even if Sanders is still in the race, even if the primary system is sort of “rigged,” as they put it, and even if Clinton barters some super delegates just because she wants to dance. In SNL-land, Clinton is as cold as a frosty brew in a midtown Manhattan bar. And she seems bound to become president of the United States, at some point, just because she wants it so badly.

The writers make no apologies for mocking the system, Clinton’s sparkly pink pant suits, or her Scrooge McDuck-like amounts of money. At least in the sketch, she’s nice enough to put the beers on her tab and dance onwards to the Oval Office.

In real life, though, Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to be giving up just yet, no matter how much Clinton is “pivoting” towards the general election. But a sketch like this one shows just how much everyone sort of wants to get on with this whole thing already.

Here’s to math and Larry David’s spot on Bernie role. We’ll miss both of you come fall (and if Bernie somehow wins, we’re going to have to insist that Larry David just surrender himself to his destiny for the next four years).