Puff Daddy & The Family Are Going On A Summer Tour, So Your ’90’s Hip Hop Dreams Have Come True

Just in case you don’t have anything ironic enough to do this summer, Puff Daddy & The Family are going on a Bad Boy reunion tour. Yes, you heard that correctly —all of your favorite artists from 1997 like Mase, Lil Kim, 112, The Lox, Faith Evans, and French Montana are coming to a friendly arena near you. It’s Bad Boy, baby. I’m having trouble trying to figure out if this is the best idea ever or completely ridiculous.

On Friday morning, the whole “fam” took over the Today show stages at Rockefeller Center to announce the tour. 112 jumped in and did a performance that included “I’ll Be Missing You,” the tribute to The Notorious B.I.G they released after his death and other hits straight from the summer of 1998. Special guest Busta Rhymes even showed up — on his birthday, no less — to add a little flavor.

Puff Daddy apparently called Busta Rhymes an hour before the performance to get on stage with them all. I mean, if that’s how the whole tour is going to go, I might be all about it. The tour kicks off Friday and Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York. According to People, Jay Z and Mary J. Blige will be making special appearances, too, at some tour stops along the way this summer.

The reunion tour is definitely high on the list of something you probably want to get very drunk for before you go. The kick off shows this weekend are timed to celebrate what would have been Notorious B.I.G.’s 44th birthday. The nostalgia is very real.

Puff Daddy said in a statement that it’s not “just another concert. This is hip-hop history.” Never one to be humble, he added, “the Bad Boy Family includes some of the biggest names in music and songs that helped define a whole generation of music. Also, we are celebrating one of the greatest of all time —Notorious B.I.G.”

But everyone brace yourself. Faith Evans, who was married to B.I.G., has hinted that there is a hologram of the rapper that could appear during the tour. Let’s all just secretly hope that that’s not true. Or, much like the Whitney Houston’s hologram, it’s just not into doing something that absurd.

Because fans really just want to see Lil Kim, who is already a strange ghost of herself that Biggie’s hologram wouldn’t even recognize. We don’t need two of those on stage all summer singing “Get Money” together. Either way, if you have a sense of humor and can still remember all the words to “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down,” you might need to snag some tickets to this show. It’s bound to be weird.