Lady Gaga Claims The Whole Kesha Situation Proves That “It’s Legal To Own A Woman” And She’s Not Wrong

The battle to #FreeKesha has been going on for almost two years now, to what seems like little or no avail. Lady Gaga recently tweeted a response to the Kesha’s legal battle against Dr. Luke and she is, unfortunately, not wrong. Gaga isn’t the first celebrity to speak up in Kesha’s defense, but her tweet sure is effectively poignant.

The tweet was a response to the recent update that Dr. Luke has banned Kesha from performing at The Billboard Music Awards  which airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC. Yes, he still, somehow, has his metaphoric claws wrapped around her after years of physical and emotional abuse.

Lady Gaga managed to nail the current circumstance in one tweet by comparing him to another notoriously evil villain.

It will be two years in October since Kesha sued Dr. Luke for assault and battery in 2014. It is now May of 2016, and Kesha can’t even perform at an awards show, proving that this has been a rather slow, grim process.

Twitter has been a platform for the plot progression of this case for both parties involved. In February of this year, Dr.Luke broke his silence when he posted a series of tweets claiming that Kesha’s allegations against him were a ploy for her to break out of her contract.

Kesha took to Instagram where she revealed her feelings about not being allowed to perform the tribute to Bob Dylan at The BBMAs that she’d been very excited to be a part of.

I was very excited to perform a tribute to Bob Dylan by singing a cover of “It ain’t me, babe” at the Billboard awards this year. I’m very sad and sorry to say I won’t be allowed to do this. I just wanted to make very clear that this performance was about me honoring one of my favorite songwriters of all time and has never had anything at all to do with Dr. Luke. I was never going to use a picture of him, speak of him or allude to my legal situation in any way. I simply wanted to sing a song I love to honor an artist I have always looked up to. thank u all for the continued support.” 

A fan was quick to comment “He’s a piece of crap” and I assume this to be about Luke and not Dylan. I couldn’t agree more.

Kesha’s mom has also spoken out about the recent development, as any supportive mom would.

She even summoned help and support from the other artists who were invited and allowed to perform.

It would be nice, but if we’ve learned anything from this whole ordeal, it’s that the music industry is a very complicated, often selfish world to exist in.