The New Trailer For ‘Ghostbusters’ Is An Epic Fuck You To Its Haters

Who you gonna call? Well, now that it’s 2016, they should maybe consider altering the catchphrase to “who you gonna text?” A new trailer for Ghostbusters, the highly anticipated all-female reboot of the 1984 comedy classic, was released just in time to help you get through this hump day. Let’s hope it doesn’t get as much flack as the first trailer.

In addiction to warding off the supernatural, the stars of the upcoming summer flick have had to ward off many an online man-troll. Vulture recently published “Why the Ghostbusters Trailer Is the Most-Hated Movie Trailer on YouTube” on April 29th.  Yes, it’s for the reason you think: blatant sexism.

“Though the official teaser only debuted last month, it has already received over 500,000 thumbs-down votes — so many down-votes that it has now entered the unfortunate pantheon of YouTube’s 100 most-disliked videos ever. Comments underneath the trailer include swipes like “This movie is pure feminazi propaganda,” and “When are people going to learn that women aren’t funny?” while a YouTube search for the trailer is more likely to produce angry reaction videos like “5 Reasons the Ghostbusters Trailer SUCKS,” each one advertised with a very chill thumbnail image, like a guy flipping the bird or a guy cocking a finger to his head like he’s about to blow his brains out.”

Here, have a look at the original for yourself. See if it deserves the 800,000+ thumbs down that it’s received since it was initially posted on March 3rd.

Two thumbs up if you ask me. It screams “quality summer blockbuster” throughout, thus reinstating that sexism is alive and well, especially online.

The new trailer is an unapologetic fuck-you to it’s haters. Complete with lots of solid punchlines, creepy CGI ghosts, and Chris Hemsworth in an administrative assistant role, this trailer tastefully screams “girl power!” without ever once literally screaming “girl power!”

It’s already at an infuriating ratio of 2,000+ thumbs up to 10,000+ thumbs down. It was posted just today. Here are some fun comments that have been posted by men who will never fully, truly love any woman.

“A huge improvement over the last trailer, I rate this one a solid 2/10″

“I only came to dislike”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is looking real good.”

“Down-voting this new trailer made my week. Thanks!”

“Looks like a bad copy of the original. Except terribly unfunny SNL cast noone outside the US cares for. Has nothing to do with women, it just doesnt seem funny. Downvoted..”

Has nothing to do with women, huh?  SMH. I managed to find one semi-positive review in a sea of sexist insults.

“This actually looks much better, now I can’t wait to watch it!”

Hooray! I for one am very excited for it’s release on July 15th and I know many a man that is too. #NotAllMen #JustMostSadPatheticMenOnline