New Dad Accidentally Posts Son’s Birth To Facebook Live, Is The Most Dad of Dads Ever

When I tell my dad: “Oh man, that was SO dad of you,” he knows exactly what I mean. Maybe he’s wearing his belt as a necklace, or maybe he’s asking if I had the chance to download an email yet. Either way, I’m so lucky to have an unintentionally, wonderfully charming human in my life. And so too does this newborn from Carmichael, California, who will one day appreciate an accidental live-stream of his own birth.

New father Kali Kanongata’a had no idea he was sharing the birth of his son with the entire world this week when he accidentally posted a video to Facebook Live. What was supposed to be an intimate clip designated for close family’s eyes on the Polynesian island of Tonga became, understandably, one of the most widely appreciated videos this week with over 215,000 views and counting. Commenters were rooting for the family the entire way — especially when the baby popped out.

And no surprise there: little is more endearing than watching a new dad self-actualize into his role as a technologically inept cheerleader. It’s like watching a caterpillar morph into a butterfly, or a teenage boy sprout his first post-Bar Mitzvah chin hair.

The caption of the 45-minute Facebook video reads “Let’s try pushing baby out,” which feels hilariously removed. A classic dad move is when your digital tone is either a) completely void of all emotion (Dad, you said “K.” Are you hinting you want to give me up for adoption?), or b) aggressively enthusiastic because dads will be dads, amirite. There is no between.

The video is a complete, unedited, SFW narration of the birth, with the shakiness of a handheld camcorder only a Real Dad could nail. As for new mom Sarah Dome, she’s the real MVP.