Jason Momoa Has Some Feelings About His Khaleesi’s Big ‘Game Of Thrones’ Moment

On this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, your queen and mine Daenerys set fire to the rain, Khaleesi style, torching the temple of Vaes Dothrak, killing all the khals who were threatening to pass her body around as if it were a bowl of chips at a tailgate and emerging victorious, clothing singed off but flesh unburnt. This was important for many reasons, but it added more fuel to the fire (hurrrr) that Daenerys is fireproof.   Also, this was extremely important because in one fell swoop, she dismantled the Dothraki power structure by literally setting every single ruler on fire and emerging naked and unburnt like a god. Totally normal. Perfectly fine.

If you’ve read the books and are watching this season with particular interest because George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the book that this season would technically be based on, then you’ve called bullshit on this “Khaleesi is fireproof” nonsense. Up until this point, the only time we’ve seen Khaleesi interact with fire was way back at the end of the first season, when she set that witch on fire and emerged with those baby dragons suckling from her bosom, completely naked but otherwise unscathed. That was meant to be a one time thing.  Here’s Gerogie himself on that very subject.

“TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE!,” he said during a discussion with fans. ‘The birth of Dany’s dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn’t immune to that molten gold.”

Right. Sure. So, she’s not immune to flames, but she has walked through the fire twice now and come out with some soot on her face and her beachy waves still intact? Whatever man, it’s your world, George, I just watch this shit like everyone else.

Here she is, naked, wary, triumphant, at the end of the first season. Please note how her crown braid is not worse for the wear. Also, her brows. I’m eagerly awaiting the spinoff, “The Waxers of Westeros.”  Those shadowy figures bent over in suppliction are the Dothraki, BTW.


For comparison, here’s how last week went down.

Go, girl! Yes, you! Yaaaasss, queen. Slay. Dragons. Fire! OMG rule the seven kingdoms, ascend that throne, you got this, get those dragons and get on out there!!!

Anyway, this whole thing is super important and a very huge deal because now with the entire Dothraki population behind her, Khaleesi can go ahead and get what she wanted in the first place (the Iron throne, hell0) and rule. And, no one was happier for her big moment than Jason Momoa, her erstwhile husband who perished long ago and can’t quite let go of it, I guess?

Sir. While your enthusiasm for this momentous occaison is appreciated, I’d like to gently point out that you haven’t been on the show for a minute. Your support is adorable! It really is. This is both cute and also a tiny bit sad, but I’m not judging, just saying, that’s all! Do you, Momoa. Do you, Dany. Carry on.